You Know What Motivates You!

Article posted in: Lifestyle

We know how it is. Oh boy, do we know how it is. Somedays you just…can’t…seem…to…get…motivated. To do anything. Getting out of bed? Oh, if I must. Exercise? No, thank you. Stick to my diet plan, no matter how simple? Sigh. Do I have to? No, you don’t have to. Nobody is forcing you to do the things that will help keep you moving in the direction of your weight loss goal. And in a way, that’s the beauty of it. Nobody is forcing you. You’re free to succeed, and that’s a great thing. Because at the end of the day, only you know what truly motivates you along the path to success.

For many people on the Nutrisystem program, children are a powerful motivational force. People want to be healthy enough to enjoy their kids, to play with them and be able to keep up with them. For others, it’s a trip to the doctor in which they’re told their health is at risk and they need to lose weight so that key indicators of health such as blood sugar levels and blood pressure come into line. Some people say they just don’t like the way they look, or the fact that favorite clothes no longer fit the way they once did. Some people want a return to the energy levels they used to know.

Whatever the reason, only you truly know what it is. And only you know badly you want to achieve that goal. So here’s a tip: Write down your primary motivation, and do it in a place where you know you’ll look every day. Write it on the back of your phone, or on the fridge door. On a mirror or a closet door. Look at it every day and remember it. Because if you write it, your motivation can be real.

You can do this. We know you can. But more importantly, you know you can.