Your Best Day Ever!

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

For meals and snacks, you’re all set: you know you’re eating every couple of hours to help you stay strong, feel satisfied and on the road to losing weight. But if you can sync some of your other daily doings to your body’s natural rhythms, you can boost energy, improve workouts and stay healthy. Try some of these morning, afternoon and night routines to have your best day ever:

6:30 AM: Let the sun shine in. Natural light signals your brain to slow its production of melatonin, a hormone that makes you sleepy. So as soon as you wake up, open the blinds and raise the shades to help get you going.

7AM: Step on the scale. That’s when you’ll get your most accurate read—after going to the bathroom, but before breakfast. The number will otherwise fluctuate throughout the day from food and water weight. It’s also best to leave clothes and shoes off—they can add an extra three to five pounds.

8AM: Apply sunscreen. You need it all the time, whether it’s sunny or not. And you should slather it on all exposed skin about 30 minutes before you head out the door—that’s how long it takes to soak in.

2PM: Nap. A dip in body temperature around this time could contribute to an afternoon slump. If you need one, and can take it, now would be good so it doesn’t interfere with nighttime sleep. Just be sure to keep your nap short—20 to 30 minutes max.

5PM: Exercise. Body-wise, some experts say joints and muscles are more flexible and your lungs are working a little more efficiently in the early evening. But in reality, any time you can stick to consistently is a good time to work out.

10:30 PM: Hit the sack. Your body needs seven to nine hours, every single night.