Holidays? You’ve Got This

Article posted in: Lifestyle

Been quite a few days, huh? Family and friends, maybe some travel at a very busy time of the year for travel, and lots and lots of feasting. And feasting on foods you may have been avoiding because, frankly, the words stuffing and weight loss don’t usually appear too close to each other.

But you know what? It’s fine. You’ve got this. Maybe you ate too much, maybe you drank too much, maybe you didn’t get in your daily 30 minutes of movement. But that was yesterday. Today is a whole new day. And that’s an important thing to remember over the next month, when the opportunity to feast and party comes up so often. This isn’t a license to binge every time somebody throws a party. Part of being successful in losing weight and keeping it off is the discipline to be in situations like an office party or a holiday meal and to not go off the deep end.

But if you do? Just pick yourself up and start all over again. Because every day is a new day. Every hour is a new hour. Start right now.

You can do this. We know you can.