6 Annoying Things People Say When You’re Losing Weight

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Sometimes the comments are well-meaning and come from a good place… other times not so much. But either way, you probably don’t want to hear what your colleague thinks of your snack machine choice or your aunt’s unsolicited advice on shedding pounds fast.

Here’s how to respond to these annoying things people say when you’re trying to lose weight:

1. “Should you be eating that?”
If your friend at work knows you’re dieting and side-eyes that cookie you took from the break room, it’s probably just because she wants to help. But when you’re trying to lose weight, you spend a lot time thinking about your food choices and calories, so if you decide you want to have a cookie or a couple of fries, you can—without feeling like someone is criticizing your decision. Tell your friend that you have your diet under control, suggests Kaitlyn Wolk, Weight Loss Coach at Nutrisystem. Explain that you’ve been counting your calories and every now and then, you can indulge without compromising your weight loss.

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2.It’s my birthday! Have cake with me!”
We’ve all felt that pressure from our peers, but you don’t have to give in. Focus on the positive instead: “I’m so happy to be here to celebrate with you, but I’m going to respectfully pass on a slice,” suggests Wolk. If the reveler insists, be clear that it this isn’t about not celebrating, but that you’ve been working hard on your diet and are making a choice for yourself and your health.

3. “You’re losing too much weight; you’re going to look sick.”
Though this could come from a genuinely concerned place, it can be hurtful—especially if you feel good about the progress you’ve made, and someone tells you otherwise, says Wolk. One way to respond: “I feel so much better about myself and the way I look, and that’s what’s important to me.” Tell your loved one that you’re not trying to be stick-thin, but that you want to lead a healthier lifestyle and are following a solid weight loss plan.

4. “You look fine the way you are—why are you on a diet?”
This comment may be more about the person making it than it is about you. Maybe they feel badly that they themselves are not trying to lose weight, or jealous that you’re taking steps to get healthy and they’re not. You could say: “I may look fine to you, but on the inside, I don’t feel good about where I am physically. You don’t have to be on board… it’s something I’m doing for me.”

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5. “All you have to do is stop eating bread and you’ll lose weight.”
As much as it bugs you when a family member offers unsolicited (and incorrect) advice or touts the latest fad diet, try not to get irritated. She’s trying to help, but you know what’s best for you, and you can tell her so. Explain that cutting out one food or following a fad diet isn’t a healthy way for you to shed pounds and keep it off. Since starting your weight loss journey, you have learned what your body needs and are doing what works for you.

6. “Are you not going to be fun anymore?”
Ask your friend to define fun, suggests Wolk. Just because you got the salad instead of the burger and fries, or chose to sip one glass of wine instead of two, doesn’t mean you’re any less sociable. In fact, when you start to lose weight, you may actually feel more confident in your skin and want to do more than you did before.