Accountability Partners: How Losing Weight with a Partner Can Improve Results

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Here’s something you already know: Losing weight can be hard. Even with a simple weight loss plan like Nutrisystem that lets you eat the foods you love, there are days that you might struggle—our real success stories talk about this all the time. But there is something that makes those difficult days easier: Support. In a six-month study, published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 66 percent of dieters with a social support system were able to lose weight and keep it off, while just 24 percent of those without social support were able to maintain their success. One easy way to create this support is to get an accountability partner!

Whether it’s a spouse, significant other, sibling or best friend, losing weight together can give you the support you need to help you through tough times. They can also keep you accountable when you struggle and be there to celebrate with you during great success. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of having an accountability partner on your weight loss journey.

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Weight loss accountability partners can improve results.

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In a study of more than 3,500 couples, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers found that when both partners joined a weight loss program and one partner had success, the other partner was three times more likely to shed pounds, too. In the study, both men and women had almost twice as much success losing weight when they did so with their partner compared to couples who went it alone.

According to The American Journal of Managed Care (AJMC), another study discovered that this could be because you develop good habits together: In that study, dieters with partners were better at making lifestyle changes compared to those who went solo. “Losing weight is hard. Losing weight by yourself is harder,” says AJMC.

Losing weight together can help exercise results, too.

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In one study of couples joining a gym, published in Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, researchers found that those who worked out together were more likely to continue going to the gym—only 6.3 percent of couples who worked out together quit the gym within a year. Of those who worked out separately, more than 40 percent stopped going within the first year.

Exercising with a partner can improve your performance while you’re at the gym, too: When people biked with a partner, they improved their performance by 87 percent compared to those who cycled solo, according to a study, published in Annals of Behavioral Medicine. It could be camaraderie or healthy competition, but exercising with a partner makes you more likely to exercise and can help you be better at it!

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You can even benefit if your accountability partner is virtual.

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Sometimes we can’t be close to the ones we love. But joining a weight loss program together can help you keep in touch and get the benefits of losing with a partner—even from far away. According to The Wall Street Journal, scientists found that even a simple, biweekly phone call to check on the progress of people on exercise programs helped those study participants increase the amount of exercise they did by 78 percent compared to those who weren’t held accountable.

Whether they’re nearby or far away, set up a group text, phone call, or video chat with your weight loss accountability partner—or partners!—so you can check in, share successes, help each other through struggles and stay on track. You’ll strengthen your bond and lose more weight than if you tried to go it alone.

Get started on your weight loss journey with the Nutrisystem Partner Plan! Learn more about this all-new program below:

1. Pick a Partner

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With the Nutrisystem Partner Plan, you and another person in your household sign up to lose weight together. It could be your spouse, a parent, an adult family member, a roommate or anyone who lives with you and wants to eat healthier.

2. Two-Week Supply

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The Partner Plan includes two weeks of Nutrisystem meals and snacks for two people. Most plans include food for five days a week for two weeks, so you’ll also add in your own healthy Flex meals a couple times a week. Your delicious and satisfying food is delivered right to your door with free shipping at no extra cost (as long as you live in the continental U.S.). That’s as convenient and even more cost-effective than most delivery services from local restaurants. Now that’s tasty eating made easy!

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3. Choose for Yourself

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You and your buddy can choose your menu, Maybe you love spicy Southwestern cuisine but your partner prefers classic comfort foods. Or maybe you both love pizza. You can eat the same foods or pick your own favorites. We know that not all couples or roommates have the same likes or dislikes when it comes to food.

We can help you customize your menu based on your food preferences. Nutrisystem has lots of options for all kinds of tastes and preferences. Just use our simple filters while customizing your menu.

4. Why it Works

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Your daily menu often depends on what others in your household will be eating. If those around you have healthy diets, you are more likely to eat better and lose excess weight, according to research, published in the peer-reviewed journal PLoS One. With our new Partner Plan, we are solving for the barriers of cooking in the household. Plus, if you or your accountability partner is struggling to stay on track, you can pick each other up and provide motivation.

Don’t wait—today is the best time to begin a healthier, happier new life for you and your partner. Click here to get started with the Nutrisystem Partner Plan! >

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