Better Together: Everything You Need to Know About the Nutrisystem Partner Plan

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better together Nutrisystem Partner Plan

Did you know that you’re already at an advantage for reaching your weight loss goals? By teaming up to lose weight on the Nutrisystem Partner Plan, you and your partner could lose up to 20% more weight versus doing it on your own.*

Just about every goal becomes more attainable with teamwork, and that’s definitely true when it comes to weight loss. Achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself is so much easier when you have a support system. You have someone to rely on that will help you stay motivated, accountable and on track for success.

The best people to have on your team when you’re trying to lose excess weight are those who sit down at daily meals with you. Even better, your chances of reaching and maintaining your weight loss goal increase dramatically if another person in your household joins you on the journey.

Your Nutrisystem Partner Plan has a built-in support system that can’t be beat. Plus, we’ve got some tips to help you both be supportive partners and successfully lose weight.

This simple guide will help you and your partner get started on the right track. Here’s everything you need to know about the Nutrisystem Partner Plan:

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Unpacking Your Order

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Your Nutrisystem Partner Plan order will include 2 weeks of Nutrisystem meals and snacks for 2 people. You both can order the same foods or each of you can select your own favorites.

Pro Tip: If you want to remember who ordered what, write down which foods each partner ordered as you customize your order. If the plan you chose includes frozen items, these will arrive in a separate shipment.

When you receive your order, team up with your partner to put your food away and get organized. Many partners find it helpful to write their initials on their own meals and snacks. You can also store them on separate shelves in the pantry and freezer for grab-and-go ease.

Getting Started

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When you’re ready to get started with your plan, be sure to read the Starter Guide included in your order. This provides an overview of the meal plan at a glance. Next, scan the QR codes throughout the Starter Guide with your smart phone to access the Nutrisystem Program Guide and Grocery Guide PDFs. Print or bookmark these guides for easy access.

The Nutrisystem Complete plan includes 7 in 7 for the first week on the program. To learn more about this first week, check out the 7 in 7 Guide! This guide is filled with important information, advice and tools to help you have a successful first week. Be sure to also check out the 7 in 7 Recipe Book for healthy recipes and fresh ideas designed to support your first week of weight loss.

Finally, download the NuMi app for the meal plan and Flex guidelines that you should be following. Use NuMi to keep track of your meal plan each day and get tips and tricks for your weight loss plan.

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Flex Freedom

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Throughout the week, you and your partner can have fun and get creative in the kitchen! Flex meals are meals and snacks that you will prepare yourself by following the guidelines we provide you.

If your plan includes 7 in 7 for your first week, you’ll start adding in Flex meals in week 2, unless you chose a plan with 7 days of Nutrisystem food each week.

Cook a meal together using our easy recipes here on The Leaf Weight Loss Blog or dine out at your favorite restaurant using our Dining Out Guide. You can select when to prepare your Flex meals and they do not have to be all on the same day.

Since you and your partner live in the same household, consider planning your Flex meals together and teaming up on your grocery shopping list. Combining your lists and buying larger quantities of certain items could help you save money in the long run.

Plus, cooking together is a great bonding experience! What’s more is that these are great healthy habits that will not only support your success now but also once you reach your goal.

Check out these Flex meal recipes designed for the Nutrisystem Partner Plan:

Exercise Buddy

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Nutrisystem recommends at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day. You can split this up into three 10-minute increments to make exercise more manageable in your busy schedule.

Exercise is better together, so you and your partner should support and encourage each other during your workouts. Go on a walk, try out hiking or biking, look up some partner exercises online and be sure to check out the Fitness section here on The Leaf Weight Loss Blog for more ideas!

NOTE: Vigorous physical activity is not recommended during 7 in 7 week. Consult with your doctor before engaging in any kind of physical activity.

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Keys to Success

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Start by discussing your weight loss goals and your food preferences with your partner, so you both have clear expectations. Plan your meals together so both of you are excited when it’s time to eat. Help each other to stay on track with encouragement and positive reinforcement, keeping in mind that both of you may not make progress at the same pace. Most important, be sure to celebrate your successes.

Even More Support

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Don’t forget to also take advantage of all of the resources that your Nutrisystem plan provides. Your support isn’t limited to your weight loss partner: You both get free access to our team of Weight Loss Coaches for all your questions.

Head to the official Nutrisystem blog, The Leaf, for Flex meal recipes for two, partner workouts and more tips and tricks for losing weight together. You can also find an extensive Grocery Guide and Dining Out Guide, as well as other guides for the Nutrisystem plan.

You should also both download the NuMi app on your smart phones for an organized food journal. Please note that you and your partner will each need to create your own NuMi account with your own email address.

Also, if you didn’t upon sign up, it’s important that each partner provides their email address in the main account dashboard on This ensures each partner will receive important plan information and communication in their inbox. Both partners will also be able to edit and manage your order. If you did not already link your partner through check out, be sure to link via My Profile > Update General Information.

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Why it Works

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How do you decide what to eat at each mealtime? If you live with others, it often depends on what others will be eating. If those around you have healthy diets, you are more likely to eat better and lose excess weight, according to research, published in the peer-reviewed journal PLoS One.

Researchers explain, “adoption of exercise or diet modifications in one individual is likely to spread to others, creating a social environment characterized by mutual reinforcement of healthy behavior.” We all have good days and bad days—your accountability partner picks you up when you’re feeling tempted to overindulge, and you do the same when your partner needs encouragement to stay on track. This is why weight loss is better together!

*Scientific literature shows better results among small groups compared to those who tried losing weight alone.