Birthday Weight Loss: 9 Ways to Enjoy Your Special Day Without Blowing Your Diet

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Birthday Weight Loss

Once a year, you deserve a day to completely relax, to set aside all of your cares and worries and to do the things that bring you real joy. Your birthday is indeed the day to treat yourself and you can while still staying on track to your weight loss goal with a set of fun birthday weight loss activities.

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Try one of these nine birthday weight loss activities that will leave you feeling great and give you a healthy headstart on the next year of your life:


A birthday weight loss activity without the “activity.” Go ahead and schedule a full slate of appointments to be pampered by pros: Massage, facial, body wrap, manicure/pedicure, the works—whatever you choose, you’ll leave looking as good as you feel.

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Moving to the beat of our favorite kind of music never fails to put us in a celebratory mood. Grab a partner—or get ready to meet somebody new—and hit the dance floor. Whether you like hip-hop, swing or country music, you can find a studio near you or check for a group you can join. Bonus: Dancing burns calories—from 300 to 500 an hour, depending on the style.


Picnicking in a cozy spot with a partner or good friend breaks up your everyday routine and makes everything you eat so much more satisfying. Fill your basket with foods that taste great cool, like fresh vegetables and fruits and whole-grain saladsThe pleasure is in taking your time to soak up the view as you savor your meal.

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When you’re a kid, the best birthday parties feature games and prizes. No matter how old you are, a day full of play is a fun way to celebrate and recapture that carefree spirit. Gather your crew for an afternoon of bowling, laser tag, arcade games, Pictionary or any competition you love. No matter the outcome, you’re a winner because you keep on losing weight.

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Drama, comedy, dance or music, live performances captivate us in a way that no recording or video can. Treat yourself to an up-close seat and be fully immersed in the experience of the artists creating before your eyes.


Whether you’ve already lost a size or two or are just starting your weight loss journey, new clothes or accessories help you to feel better about your appearance and inspire you to stay on track. Give yourself the time to just browse until you find that perfect birthday gift for yourself and then wear it proudly so the whole world can see the glow inside of you.

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Our hectic lives make it hard to spend much time with the people who’ve shared our best of times and worst of times. Set aside the day for hanging out with a close friend or two with no pressure to do anything but listen to and laugh with each other. Moments like that are more precious than anything you can buy.


One of the secrets to happiness, experts agree, is sharing your good fortune with others. Treat yourself to a big slice of happy by spending your day serving food in a soup kitchen, helping to build a home for a family in need or reading to children in hospitals. You’ll discover that the more you give, the more you get.


Of course, you should have something sweet on your birthday. Put a candle in our Chocolate Cupcake or our rich and velvety Tiramisu and wish for a happier, healthier year. If your birthday won’t be complete without a slice of cake, you can choose from our Chocolate Cake or Golden Pound Cake. Prefer ice cream? Our Chocolate Brownie Sundae is like a party in a bowl.