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How do I delay my order?

Delaying or moving your order sooner online is easy! Before doing so, please read over the questions below.

1. Do you need assistance with getting back on track with your program? If so, please connect with one of our weight loss coaches by typing to connect with an agent.

2. What menu items would help you stay on track or be convenient for you when going off our program? Click here to learn more about A La Carte ordering. >

3. Have you reached your weight loss goal and ready to move to one of our transition programs? Click here to learn about these programs >

Follow the steps below if you need to update your next order’s processing date.

1. After logging in to your account, click on DELAY/RESUME MY ORDER or MOVE NEXT SHIPMENT UP.

2. Select your new processing date from the calendar.

  • If you are delaying your order:
    • Under the PLEASE NOTE section you will be given a timeframe for when you can delay.
    • When opening up the calendar to delay, you may only be given a few dates to choose from in order to stay within your timeframe.
    • If you have exceeded the amount of allowable delay days, you will receive a message to call our Customer Care Department.

3. You will receive an email confirmation after this change.  Please make sure that your new processing date is correct.

*Keep an eye out for the email, “Time Is Running Out To Make Changes to Your Order,” four days prior to your next auto-delivery date.  This email is a reminder to make any menu/date changes to your next order.

Please note: Delaying your order will not cancel an order that has begun to process.  You have until 6pm ET the day before your order processes to make changes to the date or the menu.  Orders that have begun to process cannot be delayed or cancelled. You will be responsible for all charges after the order begins to process.

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