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How do I edit my order?

Editing your order online is easy!  Follow the steps below to ensure you receive the items you most enjoy!

1. After logging in to your account, click on the orange EDIT NEXT ORDER button.

  • Review your order details: order processing date and pricing, shipping and payment information, and if you have any retired or low inventory menu item.
    • Retired items: You will not see these listed as part of your menu selection when editing.
    • Low inventory: You will not be able to add any additional items that are low inventory. If you choose to keep these on your menu, they may be substituted.
  • Add-Ons: You can edit any add-ons on your order by scrolling to the bottom of your food list.

2. Click on one of the orange Edit buttons for a specific meal occasion to start your changes.

  • Filter By option will allow you to make quick edits based on specific food preferences.
  • Click on the name of each item to view ingredients, nutrition facts, and reviews.
  • A message will display letting you know how many menu items you need to add or remove. Your order will not save if the order does not contain the correct number of food items for each meal occasion.
  • If you choose to not make any changes, you will receive the same items in your last order unless there are substitutions due to retired or low inventory items.

3. Click on SAVE & REVIEW to finalize your changes

  • After saving, you will once again see the details of your upcoming order. Double check this page to ensure that changes to your menu were saved and all of the information associated with your order is correct.

*Keep an eye out for the email, “Time Is Running Out To Make Changes to Your Order,” four days prior to your next auto-delivery date.  This email is a reminder to make any menu/date changes to your next order.

Please note: You have until the 6:00 p.m. ET cut off the day before your order is to be fulfilled to make changes to the date or the menu. Any changes made after this deadline will be applied to the following order. Orders that are being fulfilled at our warehouse cannot be delayed or cancelled. You will be responsible for all charges.

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