The 5 Worst Weight Loss Mistakes You Could Make While on Nutrisystem

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You’ve enlisted Nutrisystem to help you take back control of your health. Excellent first move. But often at the start of any new plan, you’re bound to make some weight loss mistakes, likely without even realizing it.

Start Nutrisystem right and start seeing results by avoiding these common weight loss mistakes:

1. You skip foods for faster weight loss.

It’s tempting—especially if you feel full before finishing all the foods in your daily weight loss plan—but this is one of the biggest weight loss mistakes.

You figure if you pass on one of your shakes or not bother adding the recommended SmartCarb and PowerFuels throughout the day, you’ll drop extra pounds even quicker.

It’s not the best idea and it’s also not going to work. The Nutrisystem weight loss plan provides a proper number of calories so that you lose about one to two pounds per week, which is a healthy and sustainable pace. Plus, if you eat all the foods plus the recommended add-ins, you get the nutrients you need for good nutrition.

Cutting out parts of the meal plan could get in the way of your weight loss by putting your body in starvation mode. One study, published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, found women who reported skipping meals lost almost eight fewer pounds than women who did not.

If you’re not hungry during a certain time of day, rearrange your order of meals to better fit your schedule.

Got questions about following your Nutrisystem meal plan? Click here for everything you need to know! >

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2. You start a new workout during Fast 5 week.

Exercising plays an important role in weight loss. However, if your plan includes Fast 5, your first week is a little more calorie restricted than the rest of your Nutrisystem weight loss plan. That means you may want to hold off on any strenuous activity or new workout at first.

Give your body a chance to adjust, then ease into exercise during the second week. You could start with a 15-minute walk in the afternoon and again after dinner, for example, then gradually up the pace and intensity.

Splitting up your workouts into three, 10-minute sessions is an easy way to work in workouts. This is the approach we take in our My Daily 3 activity plan. Click here to learn more about My Daily 3! >

Note: If you already had an exercise regimen before starting Nutrisystem and want to continue through week one, or if you plan to do more intense physical activity, check in with a Nutrisystem Weight Loss Coach before you start your first week.

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3. You’re not drinking enough water.

The goal: Eight, eight-ounce glasses every day.

Staying well-hydrated helps you feel full and aids digestion. It may sound like a lot but if you have a glass with every meal, that’s five or six right there. Zero-calorie beverages also count toward your water servings, too—so a cup of coffee or tea can help get you to your 64-ounce goal. Click here for more tips on hitting your water quota! >

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4. You get discouraged when you weigh yourself every day.

You’re looking for weight loss results right away and that’s understandable. But it’s also important to understand that your weight fluctuates from day to day and sometimes even between morning and night.

The frequency that you weigh yourself is a personal preference. Some people like to weigh themselves every day, while others weigh themselves every week. Some people don’t want to weigh themselves at all! All options are OK. Just keep a few things in mind:

Weighing everyday? Make sure it’s at the same time of day and with the same amount of clothing. Recognize the scale can fluctuate drastically from day to day, sometimes even 5 pounds, so you must be conscious of that and not get frustrated. Chart your progress in NuMi and look at the weight loss trend over the month. You can’t base your success on a day or even a few of weighing because it takes time for your body to adjust and show results.

Weighing once a week? Again, make sure it’s at the same time of day and with the same amount of clothing. Pick a specific day of the week to have your weigh in. It’s also important to recognize how the scale fluctuates and that having only one weekly measure only provides one data point. Again, look at your progress over the month to see results.

Not weighing at all? Use the other indicators of success we mentioned and measure those changes week to week. Take note of how your clothes fit. You can even take your measurements if you’d like.

You can limit your weight loss mistakes and keep track of your weight by using the free NuMi App, which gives you weight loss tips and tricks to keep you on the right path throughout your journey.

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5. You never call a Weight Loss Coach.

Your first Nutrisystem shipment arrives and you’re confused about all the foods. You’re not sure how to work the Nutrisystem shakes or snacks into your meal plan or you feel a little overwhelmed at the thought of adding in Flex meals.

That’s what the Nutrisystem Weight Loss Coaches are there for—to help overcome any challenges, provide weight loss tips, answer questions and offer weight loss support to help you succeed and prevent weight loss mistakes. Contact a Weight Loss Coach through email, live chat on our website or call 1-800-585-5483.

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