7 Reasons You Should Visit The Leaf Every Day

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Your Nutrisystem plan provides you with delicious, nutritious and perfectly portioned meals and snacks to help you eat well as you shed excess pounds. But all of the information and inspiration that comes with your Nutrisystem plan might be just as important to your weight loss success as the food. That’s because the keys to reaching and maintaining your ideal weight are changes to your eating habits and lifestyle. Nutrisystem’s team of pros offers you the best diet tips and tricks, personal support and motivation you need to make lasting changes.

What’s the quickest and easiest way for you to access these resources?  We launched The Leaf, our online magazine, in 2015 because customers like you asked for a hub where you can find all of the information our dietitians and other weight loss experts share in one place. The Leaf brings you the latest scientific research, fresh ideas for healthy eating and fun ways to learn about nutrition. The Leaf is updated with new content daily, so you can scan an ever-growing collection of diet tips and tricks, advice and recipes to help you on your weight loss journey.

Here are seven reasons you should stop by The Leaf every day:

1. Tempting Recipes


Ready to make a flex meal? Want to use one of your Nutrisystem foods to make an even better meal? The Leaf offers you more than 500 plan-friendly dishes, taste-tested by our team and many customers. They’re all conveniently categorized, so you can find just the right dish to satisfy your appetite. We’ve got a Flex Meals and Snack section to help you create your own healthy dishes, a Shakes and Smoothie section packed with delicious drinks that won’t wreck your diet, and a Healthy Sides and Snacks section full of fresh ideas for prepping veggies, granola bars, energy balls, mug cakes and more. Plus, The Leaf has a Tasty Takes on Nutrisystem Foods section, which features unique ways to prepare your Nutrisystem Foods. Want to put a fresh spin on your Nutrisystem Chili? How about creating nachos out of it by adding some whole wheat tortilla chips, cheese and shredded lettuce? Ready to spice up your Mac and Cheese? How about stirring in some hot sauce or adding some fresh crab meat? This section is packed with ideas to keep things interesting while you lose weight.

All of the recipes include the key details you need to make sure they fit into your daily meal plan, like how many SmartCarbs and PowerFuels each serving counts as. Our recipes are all easy, so you don’t have to be an experienced cook or spend hours preparing them. Best of all, we add a delicious new recipe almost every day, so you’ll never be bored with the same old meals. Check out our delicious recipes here. >

2. Expert Advice

diet advice

You probably see lots of diet advice on television, in popular magazines and on social media, but all of our diet advice on The Leaf comes from our very own nutrition experts, who study research reports, talk to scientists and keep up on the newest developments in weight loss. When you want to know the truth about hot topics and breaking trends, come to The Leaf for information you can trust. It’s an ever-growing outlet for expert diet advice.

3. Handy Diet Tips and Tricks

diet tips

Little things can add up to big differences. The Leaf is a treasure trove of small but significant changes you can make that will help you slim down and feel better. You’ll find diet and nutrition ideas to help you adopt healthy habits for life, easy ways to get more activity into your day, and smart lifestyle hacks like how to drink more water or get better sleep—and the top diet tips and tricks keep on coming, with fresh ideas added daily!

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4. Success Stories


When you need motivation to stay on track or want insights from real people who have faced the same obstacles you do, check out the inspiring stories of successful Nutrisystem customers. We ask them why they wanted to lose weight, what their biggest challenges were, and how their Nutrisystem plan helped them achieve their goals. These success stories highlight the practical solutions customers discover along the way and remind you that you are not alone in your struggles. Best of all, they show you that you can and will succeed. Check out our success stories here >

5. Instant Answers

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You’ve got questions, The Leaf has answers. In our popular “For Customers” section, we’ve gathered all of the information you need about your Nutrisystem program so you can get your questions answered fast. From how the first week launches you on your weight loss journey to understanding SmartCarbs and PowerFuels, answers to the questions you’re wondering about are easy to find on The Leaf right when you need them. Check out our For Customers section here >

6. Shopping Guides

Grocery guide

Before you go to the grocery story, check out The Leaf’s shopping guides, which help you make smart choices in every aisle. The guides point you to the healthiest products and highlight warning signs of foods you want to avoid. You can check out guides for each department of the store, from dairy to meats to frozen foods. Scan the guides as you make out your shopping list, and you’ll be sure to pick products that fit your plan and help you stay on track to reach your goal. Check out the Nutrisystem Grocery Guide right here  >

7. Great Deals

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Even if you have all the information and inspiration you need, you’ll want to visit The Leaf whenever you’re ready to place an order for your Nutrisystem food. As a reader of The Leaf, you get access to sales and special discounts that others don’t even know about. Whether you’re looking for the best price on a whole new plan or want to save when stocking up on your favorite menu items, The Leaf lets you in on irresistible deals.

Haven’t started your Nutrisystem journey yet? Get started today! >