Not Just Food: 4 Perks That Come with Your Nutrisystem Plan

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With a Nutrisystem weight loss plan, you’re sure to find food you like among our menu of perfectly-portioned meals and snacks: From breakfast sandwiches and burgers to mac and cheese, pizza, pasta and yes, even cookies and ice cream. But did you know that there are beneficial customer perks that come with your program?

As a Nutrisystem customer, you get access to tools that can help support you on your weight loss journey.

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Here’s a look at four customer perks that come with your Nutrisystem program:

1. One-on-one coaching

For those moments when you need some extra support, Nutrisystem has Weight Loss Coaches who are here to help. Connect with a coach for eating-out advice, questions about Flex meals or just a little inspiration along your weight loss journey.

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2. Tons of tips

Along with your first order of Nutrisystem, you’ll get guides that offer advice to help you start the plan strong. Be sure to visit The Leaf Weight Loss Blog daily for tons of weight loss advice, recipes and more. You should also check your email and read your Nutrisystem Newsletters. They’re packed with exclusive recipes, tips and reminders to keep you on track. Not to mention exclusive discounts just for customers.

3. Free tracking app

If you prefer to log your daily habits—food, water and physically activity—electronically, download the free NuMi app. NuMi also helps you keep track of your SmartCarbs, PowerFuels and favorite meals, as well as give you access to hundreds of healthy recipes. And, for the deal-lovers out there, NuMi users get access to exclusive Nutrisystem sales and discounts.

4. Lifelong skills

On Nutrisystem, not only will you enjoy various customer perks and lots of delicious food while losing weight, but you’ll learn what a proper portion looks like, how to make good choices in the grocery store or at your favorite restaurant, healthy cooking tips and other everyday skills to help keep you on track and maintain a healthy weight. By visiting The Leaf regularly (check out the “For Customers” section for program-specific information!), connecting with our coaches and downloading NuMi, you’ll learn all the skills you need for life after Nutrisystem.