Protein, Power, Strength: Introducing Nutrisystem For Men®: FUEL™ Protein Shakes

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Nutrisystem for Men FUEL Protein Shake

When your daily diet is packed with protein, you’re more likely to have weight loss success—and a healthier life.

According to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating a calorie-restricted diet that’s high in protein results in more pounds lost, more fat lost, and more muscle retained than diets with a similar amount of calories, but less protein. Other research shows that high-protein diets may help reduce blood pressure, triglycerides and waist circumference. MRI scans have even shown that the areas of the brain associated with cravings are less active when protein is eaten.

That’s why many Nutrisystem meals and snacks are packed with protein and designed to support weight loss success. But now, Nutrisystem For Men® has found a way to make protein twice as powerful in our best protein shake ever: Nutrisystem For Men®: FUEL™ Protein Shakes with Velositol®.

That’s not an exaggeration: Velositol is a unique ingredient that doubles the power of protein – meaning, you get more of the benefits protein delivers but don’t need to consume as much protein, which in the end saves you calories in your diet! So the 20 grams of delicious protein in FUEL™ shakes doesn’t just help keep you fuller, but it may also help you maintain lean muscle mass*, improve body composition* and significantly improve strength along with daily exercise.**

These delicious ready-to-mix shakes are packed with chocolate flavor and specially designed to deliver balanced nutrition just for men to help:

  • Sustain energy levels
  • Fight hunger
  • Improve strength and increase endurance with the power of Velositol® and protein**

So you can consume fewer calories than with a traditional protein shake with more than the 20 grams protein, but get the same muscle-building results—saving crucial calories that can help you progress towards your weight loss goals. Here’s how it works.

Lean Muscle Mass

After you exercise, two processes occur: muscle breakdown, which breaks down muscle tissue, and muscle protein synthesis, in which your body uses protein molecules to build more muscle tissue. These two processes happen in a balance. When there’s more muscle protein synthesis occurring than muscle breakdown, you recover better from exercise, and your overall muscle mass increases.

Along with diet and exercise, clinical research shows that the addition of Velositol® to whey protein doubles the impact of protein on muscle protein synthesis that occurs compared to when just whey protein is consumed alone.*** This may be in part because Velositol contains chromium picolinate, an element that helps to improve and preserve lean body mass.*

The bottom line? Because Nutrisystem For Men®: FUEL™ Protein Shakes combine whey protein with Velositol, each gram of protein in the shake works better.

Strength and Endurance

Velositol’s impact on protein doesn’t stop at muscle size. It also helps to increase muscle strength, endurance and power. In an eight-week clinical study, Velositol combined with 15 grams of whey protein more than doubled the squat reps (25 vs. 12 reps) in healthy exercisers compared to just 15 grams of whey protein alone.**

Less Calories

Let’s do some math (don’t worry, it’ll be simple!). According to the USDA, every gram of protein you eat has four calories. That means if you have a protein shake that has 40 grams of protein, the protein accounts for 160 calories. If you have a shake with 20 grams of protein (such as Nutrisystem For Men®: FUEL™ Protein Shakes), the calories from protein in that shake is 80.

Adding 2 grams of Velositol (the amount used in clinical studies and in the Nutrisystem For Men®: FUEL™ Protein Shakes) to a protein shake serving adds just eight extra calories, but helps exercisers who use it have more strength and more endurance while consuming less protein and therefore, less calories.**

So while the protein in a 40-gram protein shake would be 160 calories, the 20 grams of protein plus Velositol has just 88 calories … but provides the same benefits. This helps men who are trying to lose weight reach their protein goals while also sticking to their daily calorie goal.

*In combination with diet and exercise.

** Along with resistance training, a clinical study shows a significant increase in strength, endurance, and power after 8 weeks with 15 g whey protein + Velositol vs. 30 g whey protein.

***Along with diet and exercise, clinical research shows Velositol® + whey protein doubles the impact of protein on muscle protein synthesis versus whey protein alone.