Fall Off Nutrisystem Over the Holidays? 10 Tips to Get Back on Track

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The holidays are the temptation season. Office parties, neighborhood get-togethers, family feasts and every other kind of gathering present us with so many irresistible indulgences. From high-calorie cocktails and holiday mocktails to unhealthy appetizers and decadent desserts, the holidays make it nearly impossible not to overeat.

But when the celebration ends and you’re ready to return to your daily routine, it can be tough to tuck away the temptations and not overeat again.

Try these post-holiday diet plan tips to get you back on track and jump-start your progress again:

1. Check Yourself

If you tend to overeat, you won’t be surprised by this: People who are overweight gain an average of five pounds during the six weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, according to a study published by the Centers for Disease Control. Step on your scale and find out your exact weight, then use it as the new starting point for your weight loss goal. Weighing yourself regularly helps you to see the progress you’re making and ensures you hold yourself accountable.

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2. Make a Plan

Last-minute decisions too often lead to eating unhealthy leftovers and other undesirable foods. And, if you wait too long to decide what’s for dinner, you set yourself up to overeat when you finally sit down to your meal.

Plan out your Nutrisystem meals, along with your Flex meals and snacks for the next week. Make sure you have everything you need on hand when hunger strikes (think chopped veggies, hard-boiled eggs and mixed nuts). Pencil in some exercise on your calendar now and set reminders on your phone for when you should be drinking water all week.

3. Keep Track

The simple act of recording what you eat raises your awareness about your daily diet, helping you to see when you need to steer yourself away from the urge to eat another cookie or overeat a slice of pie. In fact, tracking your consumption significantly increases your chance of weight loss success, say researchers who published their findings in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. The free NuMi app makes it easy for you to record and review your eating habits. Plus, you can log your water intake, your physical activity and your weight. There’s no better way to hold yourself accountable. Click the link below to read up on all the awesome benefits of using NuMi.

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4. Eat Often

When you feel hunger pangs, you can be tempted by the all of the goodies still in your house. Keep plenty of healthy snacks on hand to satisfy your between-meals appetite. If you’re going to overeat, better to do it on healthy food options. Fresh vegetables and fruits are filling and nutritious, but when you need a taste of something salty or sweet, try one of Nutrisystem’s perfectly portioned options, such as Cheese Puffs or a Coconut Almond bar.

5. Take 10

Cravings can seem all-powerful but they don’t always last. When you feel an overwhelming urge to eat one more candy cane or another serving of stuffing, give yourself 10 minutes before you succumb. While you’re waiting, do a small but productive task you’ve put off like clearing out your inbox or organizing your desk. If you still have the craving when you’re done, allow yourself a few bites of the food you want, then put it away so you don’t overeat.

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6. Add Fiber

Roughage in your diet helps you feel full, prevents sharp spikes and steep drops in your blood sugar, and clears your system of food that’s not fully digested yet. Vegetables, fruits and whole grains are all high in fiber and loaded with other nutrients your body needs to restore itself after a few weeks of unhealthy eating. Adding fiber to your diet is a nutritious way to support your weight loss goals.

7. Drink Up

To keep your metabolism active and your digestion working properly, you need to drink at least eight glasses a day, or about 64 ounces. If you prefer more flavor than you get from plain water, you can add fresh lemons or herbs without increasing the calorie count. Like a fizzier drink? Go with sodium-free seltzer rather than club soda, which often has added salt. Have trouble drinking enough water? Click the link below for 10 genius hacks to help you load up on liquids.

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8. Move More

Physical activity is the quickest way to get your weight loss progress moving again. Many gyms offer discounted memberships after the holidays. If you’re not comfortable working out at a club, plan walking breaks into your daily routine. Instead of meeting a friend for coffee, for instance, take a walk together. Try to stand more, too—you’ll burn an average of 40 more calories per hour than when you’re sitting.

9. Connect with a Coach

We could all use a little help and encouragement sometimes. If your motivation is flagging, connect with a Nutrisystem Weight Loss Coach for guidance with your questions, overcoming challenges and smart ideas that have worked for many other customers. Our pros are here to help you!

10. Change Pace

If you keep ordering the same Nutrisystem foods you know and love, get yourself excited about healthy eating again by trying different options. Whether you like good old comfort foods or spicier, more exotic meals, you’ll find lots of choices on the menu. And new ones are added all the time. Check the ratings with each offering so you can see what other customers are saying about their favorites.

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