How Often Should You Weigh Yourself While Dieting?

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how often should you weigh yourself

Whether you view the scale as friend or foe, the fact remains that, while you’re exploring how to lose weight, it’s the best tool to quantify your health status. While the scale alone is not an indicator of overall health, when paired with body measurements and clothing fit, it can be a good way to track your weight maintenance or weight loss progress. But how often should you weigh yourself?

Follow along with our tips as we weigh in on the practice of weighing yourself while dieting:

Step on the scale once a week.

Nutrisystem recommends stepping on the scale on a weekly basis to measure your status. Your body weight fluctuates throughout a monthly cycle and many factors like food intake, water retention, and hormones can tip the scale to the higher end. That is why the scale is most effective when utilized on a repeating schedule to track your true progress. Just be sure that you’re wearing about the same amount of clothing each time you step on the scale to keep consistent.

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Know your starting weight.

When starting a diet, step on the scale in the morning of day one and record your true starting weight. Schedule your next weigh-in for the same time the following week and don’t peek at the numbers beforehand.

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Don’t be tempted to weigh everyday.

We tend to get into trouble when we create an unhealthy dependence on the scale. Seeing your weight fluctuate in small increments on a daily basis can be discouraging. Instead of obsessing over the numbers, put your energy into how to lose weight by prepping healthy meals and increasing physical activity. Use your weekly weigh-ins as your reward for all of the hard work you’ve put in over the past seven days.

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Check in during the maintenance phase.

Bravo to those who have achieved their weight loss goals! Once you reach this stage, use the scale to track your status to keep the numbers from creeping back up. Stay in tune with how you feel and keep persevering with your healthy food and exercise habits.

*Results vary based on starting weight and program adherence.