How to Break Up with Junk Food… For Good!

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The sweets, the savory, the junk food— the temptations are all around us and it’s quite easy to fall prey to their allure. While you may feel the urge to go cold turkey on these treats in pursuit of a healthier life, there’s no need to ban any food from your diet permanently as long as you enjoy them in small doses. With a little strategy and preparation, you will be able to control your food decisions and break up with your junk food dependency for good.

Commit to healthy prep.
We often reach for the junk food because it’s easy, cheap and tasty— three things we look for in our fast-paced lives. To avoid unhealthy traps, prepare portioned snacks and grab-n-go food that you can eat in a time crunch or when away from your kitchen. To start, set aside shop time and prep time on Sundays to gear up for the week ahead. Cut up and bag veggie slices, portion out servings of nuts or crackers, and stock up on medium-sized fruit and already packaged snacks like string cheese and yogurt. For lunch, chop up the salad fixings beforehand, grill and cut up the lean meat ahead of time, and have your Nutrisystem non-frozen meals on hand.

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Practice balance and choose moderate servings.
According to our experts here at Nutrisystem, moderation doesn’t just mean keeping your indulgences to once a day or a week. It also means balancing out the unhealthy choices with something healthy and choosing moderate serving sizes. If you are stuck with only a fast food menu, choose the kids’ meal, opt for water over soda, and pick the grilled option instead of the fried. When the snack machine serves as your only sustenance, go for the trail mix instead of the candy bar. You’ll still get the sweet fix without too much detriment. While the perfect eating conditions won’t always be available, you will always have a choice to seek out the healthiest option on hand.

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Avoid the herd mentality.
When with a group of people, you may get caught up in the moment and let your food rules go out the window. If your coworkers are munching on donuts and chipping in for unhealthy take-out, you may be tempted to join in out of camaraderie and convenience. This is where mindful eating becomes essential to staying on track. Socializing with the group doesn’t mean you have to eat like the group. Stay true to your food plans and eating schedule. Acknowledge whether you are tempted to eat out of boredom, inclusion or stress, or because you are truly hungry and in need of sustenance.