How to Have More Confidence

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A little confidence goes a long way. And the more confidence you have, the better off you will be. But as you may have experienced, confidence can be an elusive thing that ebs and flows depending on your changing moods and circumstances. According to Albert Bandura, a Stanford University psychologist, individuals with a strong sense of confidence show better academic achievements, stronger mental and physical health, and possess a higher economic status. You too can achieve these benefits by incorporating these simple changes into your daily life so you can have more confidence and reach your full potential.

The more practice and preparation you put into something, the more likely you are to succeed. Research proves that mental preparedness through visualization actually trains your brain for the act at hand while adding to your motivation and increasing your confidence. Likewise, putting in the physical work will improve your abilities and aid in achieving your goals.

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Trust Your Gut
We all have our own internal compass, constantly sending us guidance gleaned from our own life experiences and those around us. If you get quiet, and honestly tune in to what it says, you will set yourself up for success. You know more than you think and what you do know can lead you down the right path to success. So stop doubting your abilities, value your attributes, and prove to yourself that you can be triumphant.

Ignore Outside Opinions
Do not live and die by others’ opinions. You will never be able to control how someone else feels about you, so just let it go. When you listen to others’ opinions instead of your own, you’ll discover that you aren’t living out your purpose. Remember, confidence is born when purpose meets preparation.

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Expand Your Comfort Zone
It’s normal to be apprehensive about what you don’t know or haven’t experienced yet. Don’t let this fear of the unknown hold you back. The only way you will grow and gain confidence is if you first go through the process of trying something new. The more unfamiliar activities you try, the more you will start to believe that the unknown is not something scary to avoid but something challenging and worthwhile to experience.

See the Opportunity, Not the Threat
You always have a choice in how you perceive the world. According to Mark Leary, a Wake Forest University psychologist, people with high levels of confidence see obstacles as problems to solve instead of as threats that may ruin them. When you view the world through this confident lens, there are no boundaries to what you can achieve.