5 Reasons You Owe it to Yourself to Try Nutrisystem and Start Living Healthy

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You’ve gone to the Nutrisystem website a few times a week—okay, every day—trying to decide whether to pull the trigger to start living healthy. But something’s holding you back. You may tell yourself it’s the money, but the truth is, Nutrisystem probably doesn’t cost any more than you’re spending on food every month now.

We’re going to take a calculated guess about what’s stopping you: You’re not sure you’re worth the expense… and nothing could be further from the truth.

Here are five reasons you deserve to try Nutrisystem and to start living healthy today:

1. You deserve to be healthier and live longer.

live longer

Losing weight is not all about fitting into that little black dress or your football jersey from high school. Being overweight and obese is a threat to your health—and it can shorten your life.

You may be surprised to learn that obesity is the fifth leading cause of death in the world, according to the European Association for the Study of Obesity. In some parts of the world, only smoking kills more people than excess weight.

The killers—cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, which includes hypertension, heart attack and stroke—are linked to being overweight or obese. So are the conditions that threaten the quality of your life, such as arthritis, depression and even your fertility.

The good news is that losing as little as five percent of your current body weight—10 pounds if you weigh 200—can reduce your risks of all of those conditions significantly, say researchers at Harvard’s T. H. Chan School of Public Health.

Clinical studies on the Nutrisystem program show that the average customer loses about 1 to 2 pounds per week. This is considered healthy and sustainable weight loss, which is exactly what we want. However, general science says that even losing a half a pound per week is good!

2. Sometimes you deserve to come first.

come first

Have you heard that quote, “You cannot serve from an empty vessel”? You can wear yourself out putting everyone first. When that happens, you can’t do anything for anyone.

Think of Nutrisystem as a way to take care of yourself. It’s like putting on the oxygen mask first. It’s like getting enough rest and making strides to living healthy so you can be a better you for all of your loved ones.

You’re not being selfish. You need to face the fact that you can’t feed the world on crumbs—and you deserve more than crumbs. Taking care of yourself allows you to have the strength and the energy to do the things you want to do for those you love. Sometimes it has to be all about you… and that’s the foundation to living healthy!

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3. You deserve to succeed at weight loss.

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The Nutrisystem program incorporates several key elements linked to weight loss success, according to scientific studies. Among them:

  • It’s as convenient as having a personal chef. Except for the few meals you make during the month, we’ve got you covered with delicious, ready-to-eat meals, including snacks and dessert. One UCLA study found that people who dieted using pre-packaged foods lost more weight than those who were on a self-selected plan. The only decision you really have to make is whether you want ravioli tonight or a beefy burger.
  • You won’t be deprived. You get to choose your foods—and there are no no-nos. Say yes to chocolate, pizza, cheese cake, mac and cheese—all your favorites. A study published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information has found that restricting your diet can actually lead to weight gain! Restrained eating can stress you out and the chemicals your body produces when you’re anxious stimulate eating, according to a study published in Obesity: A Research Journal.
  • You never have to go solo. You have access to a one-on-one coaching, whether you need someone to talk to about program details, good restaurant choices or to talk you out of ordering an everything pizza because you had a terrible day at work. We also provide access to our easy-to-use weight loss tracking app, NuMi, to help you stay organized throughout your journey. Support is vital to success at weight loss—and pretty much anything else.

4. You deserve to fulfill your long-time goal of losing weight for good.


Setting a long-term goal—and achieving it—is a thrill like no other, like training for a marathon and bursting through that finish line tape first (or just persevering till the end). It gives you what psychologists call “a sense of mastery,” a confidence and feeling of control that you can apply to other areas of your life, from school to work to relationships.

There’s an even bigger bonus: One British study, published in the Handbook of Health Psychology, found that people who have a sense of mastery live longer than those who don’t.

On Nutrisystem, you’ll pick up tips to make weight loss easier and living healthy permanent. Our Weight Loss Coaches and the wise advice on The Leaf will help you make smart choices when eating out, snacking and during those times that happen to everyone—when you fall off the wagon.

Most Nutrisystem plans incorporate Flex meals, which are meals that you prepare or order out following our guidelines. So when you no longer need Nutrisystem, you’ll be well prepared to stay the course on your own. Talk about a feeling of mastery!

5. You deserve to shine as a role model to others.

be a success story

Know what inspires most people to join Nutrisystem? Our success stories. When you read about someone just like you who achieves their weight loss goals, your first thought is, “I can do that.”

Now, imagine that’s your success story. Who will you inspire? You partner? Your parents? Your own children? Childhood obesity is on the rise, and one of the factors that puts kids at risk of gaining weight is having a parent who is obese, says a study from Stanford University researchers.

But another study published in BioMed Central offers some great news: Overweight children of parents who lose weight—particularly moms, who are their first role models—were likely to also lose weight. Think about it—is there anything else that could make you prouder as parent than to be your child’s inspiration?

Convinced it’s time to commit to yourself and start Nutrisystem? Get started with a weight loss plan today!

*Results vary based on starting weight and program adherence.