The Top Pinned Smoothie Recipes of 2017

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Smoothie recipes

Smoothies are all the rage among healthy eaters because they’re as creamy and sweet as milkshakes from your favorite ice cream shop, but they’re made with nutritious ingredients. You can even slip a serving of vegetables into smoothies with their taste disguised by juicy fruit and favorite flavors like chocolate and vanilla protein powders. Smoothies are convenient for breakfast and easy to take wherever you go. You can also sip a smoothie when you need an afternoon pick-me-up or a snack after you exercise. Popular smoothies range from chocolate to vanilla to green smoothies. We’ve shared lots of ideas for delicious smoothie recipes on The Leaf, some made with our tasty Nutrisystem Shakes, others with groceries you pick up yourself. Everyone has their own go-to choices for popular smoothies, but these favorites have been shared far and wide.

Here are the top 10 most popular smoothies of 2017:

1. Guilt-Free Mint Chocolate Chip Protein Smoothie >

mint chocolate chip

If you thought that starting a weight loss program meant never enjoying “mint chocolate chip” again, you will be delighted to taste this rich treat. It even has real candy—our sweet and delicious NutriChocolates >

2. Tropical Dreamsicle Smoothie >


Get a taste of sunshine and warm breezes anytime of the year with the flavors of citrus and banana.

3. Your Morning Coffee, Supercharged >

Chocolate smoothie (milkshake)

Your iced brew gets an extra kick when you add protein-rich peanut butter, bananas and a zip of flavor with cinnamon and nutmeg.

4. Strawberry Mint Smoothie >


One of our most popular smoothies combines the sweet flavor of berries and the cool taste of mint to make a drink that’s pure refreshment.

5. Pumpkin Spice Smoothie >


This seasonal smoothie, made with real pumpkin and maple syrup, is sure to put you in a festive mood—and leave you feeling full for hours after.

6. Energy Smoothie >


When you need a boost to fuel up your busy day, whip up this simple but oh-so satisfying blend of berries, bananas and orange juice.

7. Pina Colada Protein Smoothie >

pina colada

You’ll get that vacation feeling without leaving home when you soak up the flavors of pineapple and coconut with our Vanilla Nutrisystem Shake mix > Feel free to add your own little umbrella.

8. Vanilla Lime Milkshake >

vanilla lime

Made with real yogurt and milk, this super creamy smoothie has the perfect combo of sweet and tart, plus a serving of vegetables you’ll never notice.

9. PB & Berry Green Smoothie >

Pb and Berry

Everybody’s talking and posting about green smoothies, but this one is the most liked because it comes with the flavor of real peanut butter and sweet blueberries.

10. Raspberry Almond Smoothie Bowl >


This sweet smoothie can be eaten with a spoon as a satisfying breakfast or lunch. Start with almond butter, milk and berries, then top it your way with coconut, sliced almonds and fresh berries.