Now Announcing the $40,000 NutriStar Giveaway 2018 Winners!

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When it comes to losing weight, the benefits are endless. From massive improvements in health to the ability to run around with the kids or grandkids again… the list of perks is quite long. But for some people, like the four weight loss winners beaming above, there are even more benefits that come with dropping excess pounds—and those come in the form of cash and travel.

That’s right: These four incredible weight loss success stories, who collectively lost an impressive 260+ pounds, are the deserving winners of the 2018 NutriStar Giveaway. Their stories were so inspiring that our panel of qualified Nutrisystem judges selected them to receive $10,000 each, plus a trip to sunny Tampa, Fla., where they participated in a Nutrisystem photo shoot.

“We’re elated to announce the winners of our annual NutriStar contest,” said Keira Krausz, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Nutrisystem. “This giveaway has become highly anticipated each year and we are always deeply moved and extremely proud to read the countless submissions by our customers who have found success with Nutrisystem. We wish them continued good health and we hope others find their stories just as inspirational as we do!”

So, without further ado, here are the incredible stories of our inspiring winners:

Cheryl Angelelli – Lost 20 Pounds*

winnerMichigan resident Cheryl is a former athlete and swimmer who became paralyzed after a diving accident at age 14. Not letting her injury slow her down, Cheryl continued to compete and became a medalist in the Paralympic Games, as well as a World Record holder in 2014. After retiring from swimming, she gained 20 pounds and wanted to drop the weight. That is when she turned to Nutrisystem.

“After retirement, the 20 pounds I gained took a toll on my body and made it more difficult to do everyday tasks from a wheelchair. Once I tried Nutrisystem, I fell in love with how easy the program was, not to mention the quick results!”

Mike Enger – Lost 55 Pounds*

weight loss success storyAfter only being able to Skype with his son every six months while overseas, the Utah resident was taken aback when his son commented, “you look fluffy.” Wanting to lose the weight that was noticeable to others, Mike was exploring his options when his wife suggested that he try Nutrisystem. With that, he took it upon himself to start the program and was delightfully surprised by the fantastic results he achieved.

Once worried he would never be able to lose weight, Mike said, “I have a new lease on life and am proud of my success thanks to Nutrisystem!”

Kimberly Goude – Lost 115 Pounds*

contestThe summer after she graduated college, this Virginia resident realized how much her weight had changed since high school. Wanting to lose weight, Kimberly noticed her coworker succeeding with Nutrisystem and decided to give the program a try herself. Cooking the right types of foods was a struggle for Kimberly throughout her life, but with the convenience of Nutrisystem’s meals and snacks being provided for her, her success was inevitable.

“I didn’t just gain the freshman 15 in college. It was more like the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior 15. Once I entered the real world after graduation, I knew I needed to make a change. Thanks to Nutrisystem, I have lost almost half my weight and the best part is, I never needed to worry about cooking as my meals were provided for me!”

Kevin Martin – Lost 74 Pounds*

weight lossAn avid sportsman with a love for hunting and fishing, it became harder for this Arizona resident to do the activities he enjoyed as his weight began to creep up. A registered nurse, he knew if he didn’t start taking care of himself, he would become the patient soon. After this realization, Kevin turned to Nutrisystem to take off the extra weight.

“After losing over 70 pounds* thanks to Nutrisystem, my four kids now look at me as an inspiration. Nutrisystem was so easy to follow and I loved all of the food. I’m proud of my success!”

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*Real contest winners. Individuals on the Nutrisystem® program can expect to lose an average of 1-2 lbs. per week.