A Journey to the Weight Loss Finish Line

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weight loss finish line

For parents, children can sometimes serve as a powerful source of inspiration to become our best selves. That was the case for Avery Hunter, who was inspired by his daughter—an avid runner who frequently runs 5K and 10K races and even marathons. While Avery says he was motivated by his daughter’s drive to run, he felt that at 268 pounds, he’d never be able to keep up with her pace. He knew something had to change.

That’s when Avery turned to Nutrisystem.

Avery’s weight loss goal was to lose at least 50 pounds so that he could not only start running with his daughter, but he could maintain the same pace. He wanted to be able to feel good about running—not feel held back by extra weight.

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“I Didn’t Expect to LOVE the Food”

Upon starting the Nutrisystem journey, Avery says he was surprised by how much he enjoyed all of the food. After all, so often people assume that eating healthier will mean losing all the joy they’ve had with food—but that’s certainly not the case with a weight loss program like Nutrisystem.

“My first month, I was blown away because the foods were amazing and very delicious,” Avery says. “The foods were always packed very nicely and always delivered on time.”

Avery adds that he’s also found the service to be excellent, as well. From that initial call to the times he’s needed to rely on one of our coaches, Avery says he has always felt supported.

weight loss finish line“I’ve loved every aspect of Nutrisystem,” he adds. “That includes the provided weight loss coaching, looking forward to receiving more food each month, and enjoying losing weight in the process. Nutrisystem has taught me how to live a healthy lifestyle by teaching me how to eat in proper portions.”

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“I am in the Best Shape of my Life!”

Now down 52 pounds,* Avery says that he is able to run with his daughter—at her pace—and he actually loves doing it. He expresses that he can’t say enough about the results he’s had on the Nutrisystem diet program.

“I am in the best shape of my life and I am able to feel great running,” Avery says. “My goal is to continue on Nutrisystem to lose 20 more pounds so I can run a full marathon with my daughter by my 55th birthday in March 2020. Nutrisystem has given me new life, new energy, a new body and most importantly, inspiration to continue losing weight.”

*Real Success Story. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.

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