“I Feel Like a Totally New Person!”

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From Weight Loss Failure to Rock Star Status

rose beforeRose Kis tried to shed extra pounds in the past; she really did—but without success. She felt stuck in her efforts and found lots of places to place blame. “I gave up and resorted to being a failure,” she says. That is, until her daughter’s wedding. Rose turned to Nutrisystem as a last resort. “I thought I’d fail here too, but for her, I decided to give it a try.”

That final attempt at weight loss was the first step in Rose’s life-changing journey. Since starting Nutrisystem, Rose has lost 103 pounds!* “Nutrisystem has turned me into a weight loss rock star!” she says. “Now, I’m a big winner, and boy do I feel awesome!”

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“My energy is through the roof!”

As 53 years old, Rose feels better now than she has over the last two decades. Before starting Nutrisystem, her body was worn out and riddled with aches and pain. She’d go shopping late at night so she could use a scooter to get around the store. “Now I feel younger, I move quicker, sleep better and the aches… gone!” she says.

Everyday things that were tough before—like sliding into a restaurant booth or picking something up off the floor—are much easier. But her favorite non-scale victory: crossing her legs. Being able to finally do that made her “feel proud and like a lady.”

Rose calls her husband her “rock,” and turns to her mom and sister for motivation. But even in moments when she has fallen backwards in her journey, Rose knows she’s committed to sticking to rose her plan: “I look at old pictures and ask myself ‘are you ready to go back there?’ The answer is always NO.”  And with the convenience of Nutrisystem that she loves, the delicious flavors and new selections to shake up meal options now and then, it’s easy to get back on track.

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“Health and wellness are vital to a great life—and we have one chance.”

Rose believes in Nutrisystem 100%, and she even got her mom to start a meal plan! Rose’s father, who passed away, had always wanted Rose to do Nutrisystem, too. “He would be so proud of me now.”

*Real Success Story. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.

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