How to Lose Weight as a Couple: A Nutrisystem Success Story

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John and Sheila Nutrisystem Success Stories

Accountability and support can be two huge factors in weight loss success. That’s something that John and Sheila C. have learned as a married couple that signed up for Nutrisystem. The pair says that they have always leaned on one another and put forth a united front in facing life, so it has made a lot of sense to tackle weight loss as a team, too.

Discovering Hope

It was John who first saw the advertisement for Nutrisystem—and he was intrigued that he could enjoy his favorite foods like ice cream, pizza, cake, chicken parmesan and hamburgers. He asked his wife Sheila to check it out, too. They decided to take the leap and sign up.

John and Sheila Nutrisystem Success Stories

The couple had both individually tried to lose weight before but had never achieved any sustained success. But working together on Nutrisystem, this time was going to be different.

For John, something had to change—and fast. It was becoming an urgent matter of health. He had high blood pressure, prediabetes and had been diagnosed as obese. John remembers feeling under a tremendous amount of stress at that time.

“I felt that at any time, because of my obesity and because of my diabetes, I could have a heart attack or a stroke,” John says. “And even if I didn’t leave this planet, it would be a burden on my wife. I didn’t want her to have to take care of me. I had the desire to finally make a change to get off the carousel of yo-yo dieting and stuff that didn’t work. Having my wife do this with me—it’s just priceless.

Supporting One Another in Success

John and Sheila Nutrisystem Success Stories

John and Sheila say that being able to work toward a common goal on Nutrisystem was a major factor in their success.

“We support each other and we have friendly competition,” they explain. “We can share each other’s meals, snacks and desserts. And most of all, we feel like we are in this together and don’t have to worry about the other person bringing bad foods into the house and tempting us to fall off the wagon.”

John and Sheila Nutrisystem Success Stories

The couple set healthy goals together, encouraging and celebrating each other along the way. “It’s just great having a partner in it,” says John.

So much of that boils down to accountability. John and Sheila work as a team.

“The plan is great for me because I have a partner here that is going to keep me accountable,” says John. “Someone that is rooting for me. I don’t have to look over and see that she’s eating something that maybe I would want and would cause me to go off my meal plan. It works out great when you’re eating the same things and even sharing the food.”

An added benefit has been the fact that it’s been so convenient and fits seamlessly into their lifestyle. The couple says that they are now spending less time shopping and cooking, and more time “just enjoying each other!”

Enjoying the Ride

John and Sheila Nutrisystem Success Stories

John says that he and Sheila are “enjoying this ride”—and that’s because they’re taking it together. His blood pressure has improved and his medication for prediabetes was reduced to the lowest dose. In fact, the doctor is considering taking him off it entirely.

Ultimately, the couple lost a combined 85 pounds—John losing 55 pounds and Sheila losing 30 pounds.*

Sheila says, “Nutrisystem has made us look better, feel better and act better.”

John says that it all adds up to enjoying life more. Nutrisystem has helped them to feel like they got their lives back.

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*Real Success Story. Weight lost on prior program. Compensated for appearance. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.