Announcing the Winners of the Nutrisystem EveryBody $50,000 Giveaway!

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We are delighted to bring you exciting news! After weeks of anticipation, we can finally reveal the winners of our Nutrisystem EveryBody $50,000 Giveaway. This contest sought to celebrate and reward those who have embarked on their weight loss journey with Nutrisystem, achieving outstanding results and inspiring others along the way with their transformation stories.

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of entrants, we were moved by every single story of determination, resilience and triumph over personal battles. Each participant has a unique and inspiring journey that truly touched us.

Today, we are honored to announce the 10 deserving winners who have not only lost weight with Nutrisystem but have also shared their empowering stories with us. These remarkable individuals have shown us that change is possible and that everybody has a story worth telling.

Get ready to be inspired as we delve into the journeys of these 10 extraordinary winners. Together, they lost over 700 pounds and won $50,000 cash!

Crystal-Lee T. lost 130 lbs

Crystal-Lee T. Before and After Nutrisystem Weight Loss

 “What made me really focus on living a healthier lifestyle was my kids. I wanted to be able to sit on the floor and play Barbie’s with my daughter, ride bikes with my son, do jump rope and hopscotch without getting so out of breath. The kids love swimming, and I was always so depressed in the summer because I hated being in a swimsuit but still did it for them,” says Crystal-Lee.

“I’ve struggled on and off my whole life with my weight and this is the longest that I have been consistent, determined and happy with the results. The Nutrisystem plan was so easy to follow, the food tasted much better than I anticipated, and I enjoy my meals. It’s been a game-changer for my lifestyle.”

Michele R. lost 78 lbs

Michele R. Before and After Nutrisystem Weight Loss

“A recent diagnosis of prediabetes became the catalyst for me to attempt to change those things that I could still control, hence I began my journey to weight loss and better overall health,” explains Michele.

“As an older mom, it became important for me to improve my physical health so as to stay fit and active for the long-term, especially given the high energy level of my spirited and rambunctious child. Through the ups and downs along my journey, the Nutrisystem plan has certainly helped to make my day-to-day life a whole lot easier as my meals have become one less thing that I needed to worry about.”

Sarah G. lost 57 lbs

Sarah G. Before and After Nutrisystem Weight Loss

“When I was at my heaviest, I was tired all the time and I had no energy. I knew it was time to change and to start my weight loss journey,” says Sarah.

“I have lost over 55 pounds on Nutrisystem. The food is delicious and with having extra daily veggies and water with it, it hardly felt like a diet. I also do my recommended exercises for 30 minutes a day, at least five days a week. The NuMi app is a must to log my food and calorie intake. It has a barcode scanner that allows you to scan foods to easily log what you have and track your progress. Another benefit is being able to call a Nutrisystem Coach whenever I had questions. Nutrisystem is a great way to not only lose weight but to learn how to eat and live a healthy lifestyle.”

John C. lost 91 lbs

John C. Before and After Nutrisystem Weight Loss

“Do you remember the arcade game ‘Rampage’? In that game, you played as Godzilla and your job was to demolish buildings and eat people. Well, I’ve always struggled with weight my entire life. And despite trying all kinds of diets, I’d inevitably go on a ‘Food Rampage’ and undo all the progress I made. I felt cheated. I felt out of control. It was a constant battle for me,” explains John.

“But now that I’ve found Nutrisystem, I feel like I’ve really turned a corner. Everything about Nutrisystem works for me. All the food tastes great and there’s excellent variety. The NuMi app is the perfect companion to keep track of it all without having to constantly think about it. And since I’ve made the switch to Nutrisystem, I haven’t had a single ‘Food Rampage!'”

David W. lost 87 lbs

David W. Nutrisystem weight loss before and after

“As a family we celebrated Father’s Day, and Michael and I had matching T-Shirts. We went to go meet Mickey Mouse for the first time at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Later that night, I went to go share my moment with my friends and couldn’t recognize the person in the photo. I hit rock bottom,” explains David.

“About two weeks later my company offers paid paternity leave. During this leave I joined Nutrisystem, and followed it to a T. I also started walking around my neighborhood for exercise. I am proud to say, I have lost 10 inches off of my waist, and nearly 87 pounds and counting.”

Jason D. lost 75 lbs

Jason D. Before and After Nutrisystem Weight Loss

“When we went to the community pool for some family time, I raced my two boys across the pool and had to lay on the pool deck afterwards trying to catch my breath, thinking I might have a heart attack. With a medical history in my family and the struggles I had keeping up with my boys, I knew I had to change my health or I might not be around long for them or my wife,” says John.

“I have struggled with my weight since middle school (30+ years) and am now in the best shape of my life at age 46. My entire weight loss journey can be attributed to Nutrisystem. Thank you!”

Micah M. lost 34 lbs and Todd M. lost 63 lbs

Todd M. and Micah M. Before and After Nutrisystem Weight Loss

“We are a family of five, three boys ranging from a teenager to a five-year-old with special needs. Our life demands a lot from us energy-wise and we noticed we couldn’t do the normal everyday tasks without feeling exhausted, leaving no energy to do the things we should be doing with our families. We knew we had to make a change,” says Micah and Todd.

“We now are able to go to the gym and go for a jog in the morning! We have plenty of energy to go outside with the kids to run around, play catch or go on a hike. We’re continuing our weight loss journey and hope to lose over 150 pounds between us!”

Debra R. lost 35 lbs and Dean R. lost 52 lbs

Debra R. and Dean R. Before and After Nutrisystem Weight Loss

“Dean has always battled his weight, diet after diet, never being able to reach or maintain his goals. His blood pressure and heart rate were not good either. I was the opposite, being very thin, until hormones took me the opposite direction, gaining excessively. We also have heart disease in Dean’s family and diabetes in mine. Before going on Nutrisystem, I was told I was prediabetic. We both felt horrible, constantly tired, clothes were getting tighter. Then COVID hit, and we lost friends who were way too young,” explains Debra.

“We decided we were going to take this horrible time and make it something positive for ourselves. We chose to make a lifestyle change, and after much research, Nutrisystem was who we chose to put our faith in…..and it has been great for us! We feel more comfortable flying now, the seats aren’t so confining. Dean actually feels like exercising daily, something he couldn’t do before. No more eating out and feeling stuffed and guilty. But I think the best is we can live our daily life knowing we have changed our lifestyle for the better.”

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*Real success stories. Contest $ winners. Expect to lose an avg. 1-2 lbs per week.