“Nutrisystem Has Transformed My Life.”

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chris hunt

The Power of Change

chris huntA lot of people assume that many of those who have lost weight on Nutrisystem had some other secrets or tricks up their sleeve. They also assume there were many sacrifices made. Maybe they were going to the gym for multiple hours a day or had given up all enjoyment associated with eating. But the truth is, those who have successfully lost weight on Nutrisystem are ordinary people who were struck with the determination to make a positive change.

That’s what Chris Hunt says he’d like others to know—that he’s just an average person who was tired of being overweight.

The truth is, Chris’ story is not about fitting in lots of extra gym hours—in fact, he admits he didn’t have much time to exercise and only did it at home. It’s also not about making any extraordinary food sacrifices. In actuality, Chris says that being on the Nutrisystem plan forced him to spend more time at the dinner table with his family—and that’s precious time he’s now thankful for.

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In a story that many can surely relate to, Chris’ weight gain was sneaky. As a traveling sales rep, Chris spent a lot of time on the road and he says it began to take a toll on his eating habits. Meals out were starting to pack on extra pounds and before he knew it, Chris says he was heavier than he’d been in his whole life.

“Being a former high school and college athlete, I would have never thought I would have let myself go and put on so much extra weight,” says the busy 35-year-old husband and father of three. “But three kids and a full time job can take its toll.”

His Nutrisystem journey began on April 16, 2018.

Chris had set a personal goal of losing 50 pounds and promised himself he would stick to the Nutrisystem weight loss program. But he admits the first two weeks were rough. After eating fast food and restaurant portion sizes for so long scaling back to healthy portions felt challenging. But he says he was surprised that once he adjusted—it stuck. He was satisfied with the new portion-controlled meals and quickly found that he was no longer hungry for more.

He was also shocked by some unexpected benefits, including cost savings on food. At first the investment seemed like it might be a lot but once Chris added up how much he was spending on eating out, he realized that he was actually spending much less on food bills with Nutrisystem.

“What a cost saving eye opener this was,” Chris says. “Nutrisystem was less expensive than my previous poor eating habits—honestly, it wasn’t even close.”

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In four months, Chris lost 52 pounds*—more than his goal.

Chris says he was “beyond thrilled” with his results. Nothing was more encouraging to help him keep going than clothes beginning to fit again. Chris says he also felt more energetic and healthier than ever.

“The great part was when my kids noticed the difference and started sharing words of encouragement,” Chris adds. “Nutrisystem has transformed my life. I have been able to maintain my weight loss and attribute it to the Nutrisystem program training my body on proper portion sizes and principles of healthy living. I know the program works, and there are people in my same previous circumstances who would benefit from it. They just need to hear the story told from an average person—just like them.”

*Real Success Story. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.