Marie Osmond’s Top Tips for Getting Started on Nutrisystem

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Marie Osmond

Start your weight loss journey on the right track with a little help from someone who’s “been there, done that.” Singer and actress Marie Osmond shares her top tips for people who are just getting started with their Nutrisystem.

“Nutrisystem changed my life. I couldn’t have done everything I’ve done without them,” shares Marie. I never would have been able to perform five days a week in Vegas for 11 years with 50 extra pounds* on my body. It would have been impossible for me to sing and dance. Before Nutrisystem, I couldn’t even walk up a flight of stairs carrying laundry without being winded.”

From meal plan tricks to motivational tips, Marie provides some Nutrisystem words of wisdom to help you succeed like she did. Check out her top tips for success below!

1. Download the NuMi app

Marie Osmond

“Did you know when you join Nutrisystem you not only get delicious food delivered to your door, but also FREE access to the FREE NuMi weight loss app? You have everything literally right at your fingertips,” says Marie.

NuMi is the official online tracking tool from Nutrisystem that provides the perfect place to stay on track and organized throughout your weight loss journey. Log your food, water, exercise, weight loss and measurements. Plus, get easy access to healthy recipes.

“With the NuMi app, you are able to track your food and activity AND stay motivates! It’s proven that using a digital app keeps you on track to achieve your goals,” explains Marie.

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2. Connect with a Weight Loss Coach

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“Nutrisystem is here for you,” says Marie. “The Nutrisystem coaches are amazing—they offer help anytime you need it. It’s real one-on-one coaching with an expert—you’re not talking to a prerecorded message.”

Have a question? Need some motivation? Want to share your weight loss success? Connect a Weight Loss Coach! They are available to help you, encourage you and celebrate with you. When Marie found herself falling off track during the COVID-19 pandemic, she reached out for a little extra support. “I called up Nutrisystem and talked to my person there and she coached me, which is so helpful.”

“Nutrisystem gives you the tools to change your life forever. I am living proof of that,” says Marie.

3. Don’t Skip Meals

Marie Osmond

One of the biggest mistakes that people make on Nutrisystem is skipping meals and snacks. Before Nutrisystem, Marie mistakenly tried to lose weight by skipping meals.

“I realized that I had slowed down my metabolism by not eating and then overloaded my body when I was hungry,” she explains. “My metabolism was dead. So it took a while to get used to eating six times a day, but when I did, I lost weight because I was keeping my metabolism revved up.”

4. Fill Up on Veggies

sliced cucumbers on a cutting board

Non-starchy vegetables are key on Nutrisystem. We recommend eating at least four servings each day. However, they are unlimited and you can always have some more if you’re feeling hungry!

Marie recommends getting creative with your veggies and using them to stay satisfied. “I love cucumbers with soy sauce and wasabi mixed in. I’ve even learned to love salads, which I used to hate,” says Marie.

Pro Tip: Low-sodium soy sauce and wasabi are considered unlimited Free Foods, so you can enjoy them in your first week. Check out these other Free Foods for your weight loss plan! >

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5. Keep Your Favorites on Hand

Marie Osmond

With Nutrisystem, you don’t have to ignore your cravings while trying to lose weight. You can satisfy them with our perfectly portioned versions of your favorite foods! Discover what you love in your first month and then customize your second month to include your faves.

Marie recommends stocking up on your top picks so you always have smart options on hand throughout your journey. “I keep Nutrisystem ice cream sandwiches on hand when I want chocolate. They’re full of protein and are so addictive,” says Marie. She also loves our Butter Popcorn. “I have a sweet tooth, so to be able to have chocolate made losing weight even easier,” she says. “I love that it’s possible to eat craveable treats.”

6. Walk and Listen

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While exercise isn’t required to lose weight on Nutrisystem, getting moving can really help you reach your goals. We recommend 30 minutes of activity every day. Marie incorporates walking into her daily routine, which is an easy activity that most people can do. “When it comes to keeping my body healthy, walking is the key to keeping my core strong,” says Marie. “I love to take walks, I grab my audio books and listen to them when I am outside. It’s relaxing. It doesn’t even feel like a workout.”

Marie starts her day on the right track by walking first thing in morning. “I try to keep my tummy tight while I walk. I am really loving podcasts these days, so my trick is to walk and listen—it’s a great way to stay motivated and get out, move your body and keep it simple,” she explains. “To me, moving is just more important than anything. While you’re out there, you can stretch, get fresh air and you’re keeping your mind alive with topics and things that are positive and interesting.”

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7. Fall Off Track? Just Get Right Back On

Marie Osmond

Life happens and nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes and fall off track from time to time. Marie explains that if she overindulges on a holiday or vacation, Nutrisystem is always there to help her get back on track. “It helps me reset when I need it. I don’t deprive myself, especially around the holidays,” says Marie. “We have a big family and we love to cook together! If I find I have gained a few pounds, I jump right back on Nutrisystem and that weight comes off. It’s simple and effective.”

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8. Stay Positive

Marie Osmond

Marie’s final words of wisdom are the most important: Self-love and positivity are essential, especially on a weight loss journey. “Life can be so much more fun when you learn to love your body,” says Marie. “I’ve been trying to be better to my body and stay positive.”

While change can be scary or intimidating, it can also help you grow. “It’s hard to change as you get older, but I think you should try to learn something about yourself every day,” explains Marie. “It’s really important to try every day to be a better version of yourself.”

*Weight lost on a prior program. Expect to lose an avg. of 1-2 lbs per week.