3 Tips for Finding Your Motivation

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

It could be that you’ve hit a plateau in your weight loss program. Or it could be that you fell off the wagon this weekend during all those holiday picnics, barbeques and celebrations. Well, we are here with three simple tips to help you regain your mojo and get your program back on track. Consider these our gift to you, three pieces of great motivation:

1. We all know how important exercise is as part of a weight loss program, and we know that lifting weights can be a great way to fire up your metabolism, sculpt your shape and improve bone density, which will help you fight off osteoporosis. Well here’s a simple challenge to consider next time you hit the weights: use dumb bells or plates that correspond to the number of pounds you’ve lost. Nothing will provide motivation faster than the fact that the 12-pound dumb bell you’re pressing over your head is equal to the number of pounds you’ve lost.

2. A study from the University of Kansas confirms what we’ve known all along: talking with someone over the phone about your weight loss program works just as well as talking with someone face-to-face. So don’t be afraid to call a Nutrisystem Weight Loss Coach if you need some motivation. They’re trained professionals who are there to help.

3. Try on those old clothes. Yes, the ones that used to pinch and bind you. The ones you were wearing when you decided that enough was enough and you were going to do something about the way you felt. Trying them on and seeing all the progress you’ve made is a powerful motivation to get back on track. You’ll be glad you did.