30-20-10 Interval Training: It’s for Everyone

Article posted in: Fitness

We got a bunch of inquiries from readers over the last few weeks about a new workout called 30-20-10 Intervals that’s been getting a lot of attention lately. Most of the inquiries wanted to know if it was too hard for someone on a weight loss program to pursue. The answer is a very loud NO WAY! Everyone can try it. Here’s how it works:

Interval training means that instead of going out and, say, walking at a steady pace for 20 minutes, you vary the intensity of your exercise for certain periods of time. Studies have shown that going hard for short bursts, then taking it easy for longer periods, but still moving, can lead to quicker gains in fitness than just steady-state workouts.

You can use the 30-20-10 model for any kind of exercise—walking, running, rowing or riding a bike. But for our explanation, we’ll use walking as an example. Wear a watch and head out on your usual walking route. Walk for five minutes at a nice easy pace to loosen up and feel warm. Then, set the timer on your watch and walk easily for 30 seconds. Then pick up the pace a bit for 20 seconds. Then pick it up even more for 10 seconds. That’s one round. Do five rounds like that, then return to your normal routine.

A study in Sweden showed that this routine helped runners get faster, lose more weight, and even improve their relationships with their fellow runners better than runners in a group that didn’t use 30-20-10. Do a few sets of this each week. It’s fun, and we bet it becomes a regular part of your exercise routine. Let us know how you do!