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What are Flex meals?

The Nutrisystem weight loss program includes Flex meals—weight loss meals you make on your own using our easy diet plan guidelines—to help teach you healthy habits so you can maintain your weight loss after you reach your goal.

We do ask that you participate in the Flex meals on your diet plan for the best results. We’ve found that members who regularly planned out Flex meals were more successful when eating off of the plan and were more comfortable with preparing their own meals when switching to maintenance mode.

You’ll have two Flex breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks each week. Men will make four Flex snacks. Try one of our quick, delicious recipes, or enjoy a meal out at your favorite restaurant. Find recipes and eating out tips at The Leaf!

If you opted to have every day covered with 7 days of Nutrisystem meals and snacks every week, Flex meals are not required on your plan.

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