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What are Flex meals on Nutrisystem?

We don’t just teach you how to lose weight. We also teach you how to keep it off. Most Nutrisystem plans give you the freedom to dine out or enjoy healthy, home-cooked meals throughout the week. Instead of eating a Nutrisystem entrée, Flex meals are meals that you create or order out by following the easy guidelines we provide.

If you opted for a Nutrisystem plan that includes 7 days of food each week, you don’t have to worry about Flexing. Just stick to your Nutrisystem foods for each meal occasion! If you do decide to eat out or cook a meal at home, be sure to follow the Flex meal guidelines to stay on plan.

Does your plan include 7 in 7 for your first week? You’ll start adding in Flex meals in week 2, unless you are on a plan with 7 days of Nutrisystem food each week.

How to Make Flex Meals

In addition to your daily allotment of SmartCarbs and PowerFuels, you’ll be using the SmartCarbs and PowerFuels to create your Flex meals. You’ll eat Flex meals and snacks in place of Nutrisystem food.

The type and number of add-ins suggested for your Flex meals will vary based on your specific plan and daily calorie goals. If you use NuMi SmartAdapt, you will need to check the NuMi app for your specific PowerFuel and SmartCarb goals.

Here’s a general example of a simple Flex lunch:

  • 2 oz. Chicken with Salsa on top (1 PowerFuel + 1 Free Food)
  • ½ cup Brown Rice + 1 tsp. Butter (1 SmartCarb + 1 Extra)
  • 1 cup cooked Asparagus (2 servings Vegetables)

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