Eat Cake and Lose Weight: 9 Treats for Dieters

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Red Velvet Cupcake

Yes, you can eat cake and lose weight! And eat that cupcake… and cookies… and brownies.

We believe that eating smart is all about eating in moderation. If you are consuming the essential amounts fruits, veggies, proteins and fiber-rich foods, why torture yourself by setting strict restrictions on the foods that you love, especially dessert? Enjoying a full, satisfying life means treating your sweet tooth here and there. After all, depriving yourself can set you up for weight loss failure.

Since we want you to enjoy the foods that support your weight loss goals and don’t want you to go without your favorite flavors, we put some diet-friendly spins on some of your all-time favorites—including some much-loved, classic sweets! Check out these lighter, diet-friendly Nutrisystem desserts for dieters that satisfy a sweet tooth.

1. Cream Filled Chocolate Cupcake >

Cream Filled Chocolate Cupcake

Go ahead and enjoy chocolate cake, while you lose weight! Loaded with rich chocolate goodness, this light yet decadent cupcake will help you satisfy chocolate cravings without wreaking havoc on your meal plan. Top it with assorted berries or other fruit to add some extra beneficial nutrients to your dessert. Click here to try our Cream Filled Chocolate Cupcake! >

2. Toffee Crunch Cookies >

Toffee Crunch Cookies

These buttery and sweet cookies are a perfect sweet staple to keep on hand, since they pair so well with fruit, fat-free whipped topping or even low-fat chocolate syrup. Of course, you can enjoy them solo, right out of the package, too. Savor every bite, knowing your indulgence actually supports your weight loss journey. What kind of dessert has five grams of protein? This one, right here. Try our Toffee Crunch Cookies! >

3. Carrot Cake Cupcake >

Carrot Cake Cupcake

This classic, moist cake is a must-have in your diet-friendly dessert arsenal. Packed with sweetness and rich flavor thanks to carrots, sweet potato and the sweet cream cheese glaze icing, this delicious carrot cake will make grateful you don’t have to cut cake from your diet! Click here to try our Carrot Cake Cupcake! >

4. Chocolate Cupcake >

Chocolate Cupcake

Indulge in this rich chocolate cupcake—a favorite among Nutrisystem members! Low in calories and fat, carrying five grams of dietary fiber and protein, and void of artificial preservatives, this decadent muffin is sure to satisfy cravings for chocolate, while keeping you on track. Click here to try our Chocolate Cupcake! >

5. Red Velvet Cupcake >

Red Velvet Cupcake

Sink your teeth into this smooth and sweet cupcake to see how delicious Nutrisystem can be! Protein and dietary fiber keep your belly satisfied and make this sweet treat a smart and delightful part of your eating plan. Try our Red Velvet Cupcake! >

6. Lemon Cooler Cookie >

Lemon Cooler Cookie

This soft, lemony cookie is a fun way to eat dessert! Filled with zesty lemon flavor and dusted with sweet powdered sugar, it tastes just like grandma used to make. Click here to try our Lemon Cooler Cookie! >

7. Chocolate Flavored Pretzels >

Chocolate Flavored Pretzels

Another delicious and portable treat, these Chocolate Flavored Pretzels can take care of both your sweet and salty cravings. Replace sugary candy with this smart snack. Try our Chocolate Flavored Pretzels! >

8. Chocolate Brownie Sundae >

Chocolate Brownie Sundae

Indulge a serious chocolate craving with this rich and fudgy brownie sundae that is so decadent, you’ll hardly believe it fits into your diet! With five grams of protein, this fudge brownie sundae is the perfect way to treat yourself and not veer off on track. Click here to try our Chocolate Brownie Sundae! >

9. Coconut Almond Bar >

Coconut Almond Bar

Craving a candy bar? With each bite of this heavenly Coconut Almond Bar, you’ll enjoy the flavors of tropical coconut, rich milk chocolate and nutty almonds. Treat yourself to this fancy and weight loss friendly dessert and be amazed. The sweetest part? It’s 150 calories! Try our Coconut Almond Bar! >

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