How to Cut 700+ Calories without Skipping Meals

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Here at Nutrisystem, we don’t believe you should have to count every calorie you eat. We think a healthy diet is one that is balanced—that is full of the nutrition you need and that minimizes the junk you don’t. But because that junk often comes in the form of empty calories, we think it’s important you understand how to remove these empty calories from your day. With a few tweaks here and some simple swaps there, you can cut empty calories from your daily menu, without sacrificing flavor—and frankly, probably without even noticing. Check out these small changes to your three main meals that can cut calories (nearly 800!) from your day:


These itty-bitty adjustments to your morning coffee and bagel will save you more than 200 calories:

  • Replace that morning bagel with a whole wheat English muffin, and save yourself 155 calories.
  • Butter that English muffin with a half tablespoon of whipped butter instead of regular butter (cuts 17 calories!)
  • Spicing up your coffee with a teaspoon of actual cinnamon and skipping the double pump of flavored syrup at one popular coffee shop, and you’ll cut 40 calories.

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Your standard deli order is a good one: Turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato on whole wheat. To make your sandwich even healthier—and cut nearly 200 calories—consider these tweaks:

  • Shelf the two slices of bread and wrap your fixings in a whole wheat tortilla (cuts 33 calories!).
  • Opt for one slice of reduced fat cheddar instead of the full fat variety and shave 48 calories off your cheese count.
  • Squeeze on a packet of mustard instead of mayo (cuts 65 calories!).
  • If you can’t resist a bag of chips, go for the baked version: in one popular brand, you’ll save 40 calories per serving.

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Trim more than 300 calories from your favorite entrée side with this prep switch:

  • Instead of sautéing your veggies in a tablespoon of olive oil, steam them and save 119 calories.
  • Top your side salad with one popular brand of lite balsamic vinaigrette instead of creamy ranch and save 105 calories per two-tablespoon serving.
  • Don’t drink your calories! Opt for one cup of unsweetened iced tea with a generous squeeze of lemon instead of a can of soda and save yourself close to 150 calories.

Make all of these tiny tweaks, and you would save yourself 772 calories—without skipping a single meal or snack!