How to Have a Tastier Tea Time

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From green to black, white or oolong, many teas support weight loss, lower cholesterol and aid with mental alertness. They contain antimicrobial properties and powerful antioxidants called flavonoids. Some teas may also help lower risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

These are some great reasons to work a cup of tea in every day. Here are some tips and tricks to enjoying a tasty, fulfilling teatime.

Brew it Right
Adding water that is too hot or steeping tea for too long can give tea a bitter taste. Ensure you have a tasty cup by sticking with the appropriate water temperatures and steep times. In general, you can pour boiled water over black dark oolong teas and steep for three to five minutes. Add slightly cooler water (172-180 degrees F) to green, white or oolong teas and steep for two to three minutes.

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Use Smart Sweeteners
If you like your tea sweet, avoid sugar and processed honey, and instead reach for low-glycemic sweeteners. After your tea has fully steeped and cooled slightly, add in raw honey, sugar-free maple syrup or Stevia.

Kick up the Flavor
Sprinkle in spices like cinnamon, ginger or nutmeg, or add all three to black tea to enjoy a warming mug of chai. Splash in a bit of vanilla if you’d like. You can also work different fruits into your teas. Add slices of lemons or oranges to warm or iced tea. And, for a fun and tasty iced tea, use a spoon to smash frozen berries with your sweetener at the bottom of a glass, add some ice and top with tea.

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Add Milk
For a creamy but light cup of tea, add a splash of low-fat milk. If you are a vegan, lactose intolerant or just cutting out dairy, try almond milk, coconut or soy milk. To take your tea from tasty to decadent, froth your milk with an electric frother, or by shaking it briskly in a lidded glass jar. Add your sweetener, spices and frothed milk to your tea for a fancy homemade light latte.