Mountain Climbers: 1 Move to Engage Your Whole Body

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two people doing mountain climber exercise

“Mountain climbers are a great total-body exercise,” says Jessica Matthews, MS, personal training expert with The American Council on Exercise. That’s because they challenge the muscles in your core, as well as get your heart rate up so your body burns more calories.

The full body

Step 1: Get in a push-up or plank position with your hands slightly ahead of your shoulders and fingers pointing forward.
Step 2: Bring your right foot forward, driving the knee toward your chest as you place your right foot on the floor under your chest. Keep your left leg extended behind you and make sure to keep your hips and shoulders squared to the ground as much as possible. Your spine should remain in a neutral position, says Matthews.
Step 3: Keeping your hands firmly on the ground and abs tight, bring your right foot back to start position and switching with the left leg. Continue alternating. As you get more comfortable, jump to switch leg positions. Keep your weight evenly distributed between both hands and feet and your shoulders aligned over your wrists, advises Matthews.

Start with 8 to 12.