She Did It―So Can You! Success on Nutrisystem D

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Nutrisystem Weight Loss Success Story

In honor of American Diabetes Month®, we are shining the spotlight on our slimmed down superstar, Ramona Young!

Ramona was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes back in 2012, and turned to Nutrisystem to help her lose the weight and reclaim her health.

Did you always struggle with your weight?

“I was actually very small growing up. I was active and ate anything I wanted to. I gradually gained 71 pounds after moving 23 years ago. I gained the weight because I stopped caring about me. I started teaching students with special needs and I put them first. I put my family first. I was thinking of everyone else and doing for everybody else and I just lost track of me.”

How did you discover that you had diabetes?
“When I began to gain weight, I remember going into a medical center one evening because I had a really bad cold, and they took my blood pressure. It was really high. They actually wanted to hospitalize me. After that, I started taking blood pressure meds. And over the years, it increased to the point that I was taking four blood pressure medications a day.”

“It sounds crazy, but I accepted it. I thought well, at my age, people get high blood pressure. So it’s OK if I take the meds and it stays under control. I knew I was unhealthy, but I wasn’t ready to do anything about it. Then, back in 2012, I went to my doctor for my blood pressure check and they did the usual bloodwork. A week later my doctor told me I had type 2 diabetes, and that I needed to make an appointment right away.”

Ramona lost 71 pounds with Nutrisystem D!*

What made you turn to Nutrisystem?
“I had tried a lot of different diets and usually I’d last a week, maybe two. And of course, I didn’t lose all the weight in those one or two weeks. And it seemed like every time I stopped one diet, I gained a few more pounds.”

“The reason I chose Nutrisystem was because they had a diabetic plan―Nutrisystem D. And that’s what I needed. I didn’t know how to eat with diabetes. And I knew that I needed to get healthier―I really didn’t have a choice. If I wanted to live, I needed to lose weight.”

Why do you think Nutrisystem worked for you?
“I lost 71 pounds on Nutrisystem D!* It worked for me, I believe, because I began to see results right away. The first week or two, I was dropping pounds. Seeing results was very motivational, especially right in the beginning. I could even see a difference in my clothes―not just on the scale. Plus, Nutrisystem had so many support systems available. If I had a question, I could call a coach.”

“I had gained weight and lost weight and gained weight and lost weight. I really needed a lifestyle change. Nutrisystem wasn’t a diet. It was that lifestyle change. Nutrisystem helped me get where I am today.”

“Before my weight loss, if anyone had told me I’d be running, I would have laughed out loud. I am now a runner and I run almost every day. I completed my first half marathon this past February and I have four more scheduled from January to April!”

How do you feel now that you’re living healthier?
“Nutrisystem has helped me live healthier. It really works. And I’m proof of that. In fact, because I lost so much weight, my doctor had to adjust my medications.”

“The best part about losing weight for me has been becoming healthier. Looking better is a great plus, but the healthy part makes me happiest. I feel like now I can be around to watch my son grow up. I can enjoy my retirement years with my husband. My energy levels are off the charts. I started running, I feel younger, I’m enjoying living. I’ve got a bounce in my step and life is awesome. Life is fabulous. Life is wonderful!”

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*Real customer Ramona Young lost 71 lbs. in 12 months. Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week on Nutrisystem D.