7 Weight Loss Tips from this Slim-Down Superstar

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Nutrisystem Weight Loss Success Story

Nutrisystem weight loss success story Vanessa Washington is always on-the-go. But traveling constantly for work used to be her biggest downfall with weight gain. At her heaviest—224 pounds—Vanessa struggled with living a healthy lifestyle on the road.

Today, thanks to Nutrisystem, her suitcase is always packed with ready-to-go foods, shakes and meal bars, which keep her satisfied without falling off track. Finding a program that has fit well with her busy lifestyle has been the key to Vanessa’s success (and 50-pound weight loss!*). Her best advice? “Be patient.” If you stick to a plan, she says, you will start to see the pounds come off. Check out Vanessa’s top weight loss tips below, then be sure to read her full Success Story here. >

1. Grab a drink.

“When I feel hungry or want to avoid mindless snacking, I drink some water or Chamomile tea. I’ve realized that more often than not, I’m not actually hungry but thirsty and a drink is enough to satisfy me.”

2. Embrace your veggies.

“Nutrisystem has taught me to love my veggies. I often have roasted green beans or carrots as a mid-morning or afternoon snack.”

healthy lunch weight loss tips
Vanessa piles on the veggies at every meal occasion.

3. Change your rewards.

“I no longer reward myself with food. Instead, I treat myself to a new outfit, a pair of shoes, or maybe an activity—like rocking climbing.”

4. Get moving.

“Exercising encourages me to stay on track with my diet so that I don’t feel as though all my hard work is wasted. I post my workouts on social media to help motivate others and most recently joined the YMCA to add some variety to my workouts. I’ve started taking Zumba and Step classes and have found that if exercise is fun, I’ll do more of it!”

5. Write it down

“By recording every morsel of food that I eat in a food diary, it holds me accountable and makes it harder to cheat!”

6. Prioritize good health on-the-go

“Since I travel weekly for work, I pack healthy snacks like nuts and fruit but I also pack my workout DVDs. This way I never have an excuse for snacking on unhealthy foods or missing a workout.”

7. Catch your ZZZs

“I have a goal of sleeping at least seven hours per night. I have found that with the proper amount of sleep I have so much energy and am overall a much happier person.”

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*Weight lost on prior program. Real Success Story. Expect to lose an avg. of 1-2 lbs. per week. Results may vary based on starting weight and program adherence.