“I look and feel better now than ever in my life.”

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make a change

When it became difficult to do normal, everyday things, Chiara Benitez knew it was time to make a change. Joints in her body hurt when she moved around at home and at work. “I couldn’t even get in and out of my car like I used to,” she says. And that’s when Chiara turned to Nutrisystem.

Chiara BeforeAt first, she was skeptical, convinced that the food wasn’t going to be very appetizing. But the tastes and flavors of the meals ended up being her favorite part of the program and validated her decision to make a change. “I was so impressed!” she says. The Thick Sliced French Toast became a morning favorite, Black Beans and Rice a staple lunch, and she loved the Italian Style Sausage and Peppers or Margherita Pizza for dinner.

The convenience was another perk: Chiara’s work schedule is very busy, but she loved that with this plan, she could opt for a ready-to-eat food or cook a Nutrisystem meal that tasted great   in mere minutes. And to satisfy the need for something sweet: Themake a change Ice Cream Sandwich, Tiramisu or Stuffed Chocolate Pie hit the spot.

Ten months later, Chiara had lost almost 80 pounds*—despite needing hip surgery (which meant no exercise), and a challenging work schedule that required her to travel often. “I didn’t need a scale to tell me I lost weight,” she says. “I could see my body shrinking. My clothes felt looser.” And her favorite moment: Slipping into a pair of smaller jeans!

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“Nutrisystem has enabled me to turn everything around,” she says. She can run like she used to. She can do her job better. And since recovering enough to be able to exercise, Chiara has watched her body shrink even more. “I look and feel better now than ever in my life,” she says.

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*Real Success Story. Weight lost on prior program. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.