Edwin: NutriStar and the Ultimate Weight Loss Success Story

Article posted in: Success Stories - Men

All weight loss journeys, start with desire for change. Then, it’s time to make it happen. Dedication can be the difference between more of the same and the life you never imagined you could have. Edwin, as one of four to receive last year’s NutriStar Giveaway prize of $40,000 is a prime example. And we couldn’t be more thrilled for him. Proving that real results can come to real, everyday people, Edwin is more than just a 2016 winner.

Always being the chubby kid was hard on me,” Edwin explains. This feeling is a familiar one to many. No one likes feeling different and the effects for a child can be devastatingthreatening every aspect of one’s wellbeing.

Rodriguez mentions that he’s experienced high blood pressure since his junior year of high school and almost had to get gastric sleeve surgery! He would have had the procedure too… if he hadn’t been sick on the scheduled date. “Seeing myself getting bigger and bigger I knew it was time to change,” he says. And change he did. After someone mentioned Nutrisystem to him, Edwin decided to give it a go. Why not?

Now, 72 pounds lighter, you could say the pep in this 22 year-old’s step isn’t just a product of his youth.

“It was the BEST choice I ever made!!” His excitement is contagious. “The food was great and working out while doing the program really helped me out! Now I don’t take high blood pressure pills anymore! THANK YOU NUTRISYSTEM!!!”

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