Weight Loss Tips for Men: 7 Nutrisystem Success Stories Share Their Best Diet Advice

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If you’ve seen the TV commercials, you know Nutrisystem has helped guys like Dan Marino, Chris Berman, Cris Carter and Terry Bradshaw lose weight and keep it off.

But it’s not just celebrities: Accountants, construction workers, doctors, students, lawyers, dads and grandfathers—thousands of men just like you—have created healthier lives for themselves with Nutrisystem.

These seven guys are a sample of those stories—they’ve lost different amounts of weight for different reasons with different tips that ultimately led to success. But they’ve got one thing in common: They’ll inspire you.

Here are the top weight loss tips for men from the awesome guys of Nutrisystem:

1. Essex

Essex Nutrisystem for Men

Lost: 43 pounds*

Gained: Outdoor time with his son

Why Nutrisystem:

When the doctor’s scale read 265 pounds, Essex was disappointed in himself. He’d vowed never to weigh more than 250 pounds again, but the scale wouldn’t budge. Nutrisystem took the guesswork out of losing the weight, and helped this on-the-go Floridian shed the pounds: “I needed to take calorie counting out of the mix,” he says. With pre-portioned foods, Nutrisystem did that for Essex. He was able to just eat and lose. “I could just heat up the food and be on my way, avoiding large restaurant portions and the temptation of fast food.”

How it feels to lose 43 pounds:

Lighter! Essex says he’s more active, has less back pain, and enjoys spending more time outdoors with his son.

Essex’s weight loss lesson:

Get rid of the guesswork. If portion control and calorie counting aren’t easy, find ways to make your eating easier—or automatic.

2. Michael

Michael Nutrisystem for Men

Lost: 50 pounds*

Gained: His daughter’s admiration

Why Nutrisystem:

Michael struggled with his weight throughout his life, but when he retired, things reached a tipping point: Off the clock, he packed on an extra 30 pounds. He’d spent his life getting attention by showing off how much or how fast he could eat, but that hobby was threatening his life. After trying “every diet known to man,” Michael turned to Nutrisystem.

How it feels to lose 50 pounds:

Michael feels proud—and he should be! In four months, he lost 50 pounds,* “and [I] learned so much about serving sizes along the way.” Best of all, his family is proud of him, too. “Now, my daughter hugs me while watching TV and tells me how proud she is of me,” he says. With the weight lost, Michael plans to be around for lots more hugs from his daughter—and someday, her kids.

Michael’s weight loss lesson:

Fill up with water! Before any meal, drink two-three glasses of cold water to help your meal feel more filling.

3. Chris

Chris R Nutrisystem Men

Lost: 120 pounds*

Gained: The return to his “fighting” weight

Why Nutrisystem:

Chris never actually intended to jump full force into a weight loss program. As a former marine, he was accustomed to a level of physical activity that seemingly disappeared when he found himself in a desk job. Crazy stress, combined with lunches out were primary culprits. Chris started by subbing out one meal for a Nutrisystem entree and was surprised when the compliments started rolling in. “I started with just one meal a day—lunch—so I could stay on top of my work and get done at a reasonable hour,” he says. “Lunch became Nutrisystem’s chicken noodle soup—one of my all-time favorites.” After this, he decided he should set a goal and dive full force into a plan. He tells us,”it couldn’t have been easier.”

How it feels to lose 120 pounds:

Chris is adding vegetables to various meals, something he never did before, and even gets up early to fit in a sweat sesh before work. “Now, not only have I lost all the weight that I planned and am back to my ‘fighting weight’, but I’ve also convinced everyone that I’m a morning person!” Obviously Chris is much better off having lost the weight. Sure, people tell him how amazing he looks today, but the ability to return to the activities he did before was his ultimate prize.

Chris’ weight loss lesson:

Start yourself off right by making both short term and long term goals. Chris recognizes that his weight loss success came slow. He started small, with just a few meals here and there. Certainly, it’s taken him far! He suggests others try the same approach to see similar results.

4. Marshall

 Marshall Nutrisystem for Men

Lost: 75 pounds*

Gained: Confidence!

Why Nutrisystem:

When a cute girl moved in next door, Marshall was motivated to change. After letting the junk eating of college spill into adulthood, he needed to make a shift that would give him more confidence. Nutrisystem helped him get confident with what he could eat to get there: “Nutrisystem taught me how to eat right, so instead of wolfing down a big dinner after work, I grazed on healthy choices throughout the day,” he says.

How it feels to lose 75 pounds:

It’s a confidence-builder for Marshall: Not only are friends and family impressed, but his dating life has gone into overdrive. Best of all, Marshall is confident that his knowledge about what to eat will keep the weight off: “By following Nutrisystem’s Eating Out Guide, I know I can go out and be social without feeling guilty as long as I go back on Nutrisystem,” he says.

Marshall’s weight loss lesson:

Knowledge is power. Nutrisystem has pre-planned meals, but it’s not just about eating those foods: It’s a system that teaches you how to eat so that you can sustain your new weight loss, year after year.

5. Brian

Brian Nutrisystem for Men

Lost: 86 pounds*

Gained: Boundless energy

Why Nutrisystem:

Brian’s son gave him a heartbreaking wake-up call: He told Brian he was worried about him dying. With a fifth son on the way, the Michigan business owner faced facts: “I took a good look at myself, and saw that I really was fat,” he says. He got organized, tracked his eating, and started making progress toward his goals and a longer life.

How it feels to lose 86 pounds:

Brian felt energized: Losing weight motivated him to lose more, and his self-esteem sky-rocketed. “I have so much energy that people tell me to slow down,” he says. His message to them: Keep up!

Brian’s weight loss lesson:

“Dream big to achieve big results,” he says. Modest, smaller goals can help you succeed—you’ll feel confidence building along the way as you reach them. A big goal at the end, however, is a way to excite yourself about change and re-focus when you start to lose your way. So, come up with a big goal and write it down: What’s your ultimate weight loss goal? What would you do if you reached it? What activities would you do? Where would you go? And how would it change your life for the better—forever?

6. Joey

Joey Nutrisystem Men

Lost: 79 pounds*

Gained: Self discipline

Why Nutrisystem:

Seeing the scale hit 281 pounds was mind-boggling for Joey. With a young son he wanted to see grow up, he and his wife agreed that a serious change needed to occur. And, what better goal than 215 pounds45 pounds under the maximum weight requirement for zip lining, an exhilarating activity he wanted to try with his wife.

How it feels to lose 79 pounds:

Joey is essentially a new man, one zip lining with his wife in Honduras, that is. Not only is the fear of not being around for his son gone, but he is taking charge of his life in a whole new way. Joey explains, “Nutrisystem has taught me self-discipline and now I know how to eat healthy.” Everything else comes naturally.

Joey’s weight loss lesson:

Give it a go! Joey makes it clear that, if you never try, you’ll never have any idea what you’re capable of. The limits are only the ones that you set for yourself. “My weight had gotten out of control, I had no discipline in my life when it came to food or my health,” hey says. But, look at him now! All he needed was the extra push and some guidance along the way.

7. Jason

Jason Nutrisystem for Men

Lost: 249 pounds*

Gained: Lifelong impact

Why Nutrisystem:

It’s often said that weight loss isn’t just about a diet, but about a lifestyle change. Jason already experienced such a change—just in the wrong direction. Gaining weight forced him to give up things he loved, like golf and other activities. And if he didn’t fix things, Jason feared it would also force a serious lifestyle change on his family, who would not have him around in the long term.

How it feels to lose 249 pounds:

That’s a lot of weight to lose, and Jason feels it in every part of his life: He’s active again, having started to run in races (yes, for fun!). He’s more adventurous, always looking for new things to try. He feels he’ll have an impact not just on his life, but that of his family: “It’s hard to put into words the impact my weight loss has had on them,” he says. “I know that I’m not just changing my life, but I’m changing my family’s life for generations to come.”

Jason’s weight loss lesson:

The three most important things for successful weight loss, Jason says, are “control, perseverance and persistence.” Control what you can—your portions, your eating schedule, your attitude—and remember that you are in control of the choices you make. When there’s a plateau or stumble, persevere and persist: One bad day won’t stop a change that’s going to affect the rest of your life.

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*Weight lost on prior program. Real Success Story. Expect to lose an avg. of 1-2 lbs. per week. Results may vary based on starting weight and program adherence.