25 Weight Loss Success Stories Share Their Non-Scale Victories

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Nutrisystem is positively changing lives for millions of people by helping them lose weight and become real weight loss success stories.

You can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment when you step on the scale and see that you weigh less than the last time you checked. However, losing weight is changing lives for people in many other positive ways, too.

Losing weight can improve your overall health and increase your energy, as well as enhance your appearance and self-image. Best of all, weight loss can let you enjoy more time and fun activities with your loved ones. (And who knows? You might even inspire them to become weight loss success stories, too!).

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Here are 25 ways Nutrisystem is changing lives — told by real weight loss success stories:

1. “He told me he was proud of my hard work…”

“Both of my parents recently passed away and they were only in their fifties. I was devastated and my son was afraid I would be next. I had seen their struggles with health—my dad with cancer and my mom with heart disease, diabetes, etc. It was heartbreaking. I made a promise to my son one night that I would work hard at becoming healthier. I’ve been heavily overweight my whole life. He began walking with me and helping me pick out new foods. My victory came this week when he told me he was proud of my hard work and wasn’t afraid of losing me anymore!” Sheila P.

2. Taking control

“I am diabetic and it’s very controlled now. My insulin has been adjusted. My moods have changed. I am sleeping better. My blood pressure is down.” —Margaret M.

3. Health is back on track

“It took me a long time to get my health in order. In doing so I found out that my thyroid wasn’t working. Now everything is back on track.” —Heidi L.

4. So long, blood-pressure meds!

“My doctor adjusted my blood-pressure medication!” —Don O.

5. “I feel really good.”

“I’ve had two palpitation-free days, went for a walk with my kids and slept through the night for the first time in months. My doctor said my blood work is perfect. I feel really good.” —Elizabeth S.

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6. Setting a good example for loved ones

“My family has become more conscious of what they are putting in their mouths because of my success with Nutrisystem. I’m seeing a lot more greens, lean meats and veggies at family get-togethers. It’s amazing that we can all be healthy together.” Melissa M.

7. Getting out more

“I used to rarely drive or go outside at all… When I would get into my pickup, I adjusted the steering wheel and was shocked that the steering wheel was three inches from my belly. Before starting Nutrisystem, my belly and the steering wheel rubbed.” Don W.

8. Physical ability

“I was able to spend over two hours doing a treetop obstacle course with my family. I even did the most difficult level with my 12-year-old daughter!” —Jenifer M.

9. Feeling younger

“Hiking at Acadia National Park after doing a 10-mile bike ride. Not bad for age 62! New lifestyle thanks to Nutrisystem!” Janet O.

10. Being there for the kids

“I got outside today and taught my daughter to ride a bike.” Shannon G.

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11. Higher endurance

“I had the energy to paint the shed and mow the lawn on the same day and I wasn’t out of breath. In fact, the kids asked me if I thought I was Wonder Woman because the front lawn generally takes an hour and I was done in 15 minutes.” Ma M.

12. More energy

“My non-scale win is simply energy! I went from being tired all the time to getting out in the world and even cleaning the house enthusiastically because it no longer hurt to bend over and pick things up. It’s amazing just how much carrying around 31 extra pounds took away from me and now I have those things back!” —Bill M.

13. Less need to take breaks

“Being able to help put. in our flower beds without having to stop every few minutes to sit down!” —Dawn B.

14. Making more memories

“This week my four-year-old niece wanted to ride the kiddie roller coaster. Most of the adults with me were too big. My teenage kids were too tall. Everyone looked at me. I figured I’d be a good sport and squeeze into the seat with her. The truth: I got in with no problems and wasn’t uncomfortable. Both of us had a great ride and made a summertime memory!” —Meggin W.

15. Friends taking notice

“I had been wearing the same clothes that I wore when I was 29 pounds heavier (just adding a belt to keep the pants from falling off). On Monday, I put on a new blouse and new jeans and when I walked into a place where I was meeting friends, they all gasped! “Marcia can wear ‘skinny’ clothes now!” Even though I have 11 more pounds to lose, it made me feel really good.” Marcia W.

16. Reversing the effects of pregnancy

“I had trouble losing the pouch in the tummy after having kids but it is slowly disappearing.” Shellalissia J.

17. I’m 45 and he says I look 30.”

“Last night my husband told me I am aging backwards. I’m 45 and he says I look 30. I have always looked young but he says he is seeing it more with a healthy glow in my face and a spring in my step—and the fact my back pain is gone helps a ton.” —Christina V.

18. Skipping the fast food

“I have been able to drive past [the donut shop] since January without getting my coffee roll and donut for later. That is a big victory for me!” Patricia P.

19. Feeling more attractive and sexy!”

“I’m wearing loose size eights and I haven’t been in eights since my twenties. I feel lighter and have more energy. I’m single and 57-years-old and men are doing a double look! I may just start dating again. Feeling more attractive and sexy!” Sue M.

20. Getting compliments

“I’ve always been a scale person and don’t like when there is no movement. However, I have been on the plan for a week now, just finished [Turbo Takeoff] yesterday and I’m down six pounds* and can already feel my clothes fit better. I have more energy and the compliments keep me going.” Brenda D.

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21. Confidence in body image

“My husband and I had a getaway in Savannah, Georgia, this past weekend. I wore a bikini to the pool for the first time in six years” Morgan R.

22. Rings fit!

“I’m now able to wear my wedding ring set. At one point I couldn’t!” —Gina T.

23. Getting recognized

“Non-scale victory: When other people comment on how good and healthy I look.” —Beverly B.

24. Work is easier

“Being a certified nursing assistant is hard work and having to take care of the daily needs of my residents is tough. Before Nutrisystem, I had a hard time bending down to tie shoes and get people dressed. I am now able to do all of that and more.” —Patricia N.

25. It doesn’t feel like a diet

“I’ve reached the point where it feels like a lifestyle and not a diet. It’s not hard anymore.” Kristi M.

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*Results vary based on starting weight and program adherence.