“I Can Climb Mountains Now!”

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The Climb to Weight Loss Success

kevin beforeKevin Martin is no stranger to the great outdoors: He loves to hunt, fish and be active in his beloved home state of Arkansas. As a registered nurse for more than two decades, he knows a little something about health, too. And yet, he never took being overweight too seriously.

But a few years ago, Kevin’s weight started affecting his lifestyle. The pain in his knees and back made it tough to get around his bass boat without stumbling, and climbing a tree to put up his deer stand became impossible. “To top it off, I was having chest pains,” says this proud father of four. “I knew something had to change.”

The nudge he needed came from work: “My colleagues convinced me to take a cholesterol test, which showed outrageously negative results,” he recalls. “Healthcare professionals can make the worst patients,” says Kevin. “And I knew I would become a patient soon if I didn’t get my weight under control.”

Kevin mentioned seeing a Nutrisystem commercial to his work buddies, and they signed him up. A week later, his first shipment of meals arrived and he was on his way.

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Reclaiming Health, One Step at a Time

What Kevin loves most about Nutrisystem: The convenience of the plan, how easy it is to understand and the structure it provides. Plus, the food is awesome, he says. He gets to eat Italian Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza for dinner and looks forward to an Ice Cream Sandwich for his bedtime snack. “People around me couldn’t believe that I was eating so much and still losing weight,” he says.

Kevin also began an exercise program and slowly increased his activity every day. “I couldn’t believe how out of shape I was when I started,” he says. But over time, he worked up to climbing a mountain near his home. “I never thought I would—or could—jump on rocks and run mountain trails,” he says. “It was nothing short of a miracle for me.”

kevin“I’m more active and confident!”

At 48 years old, Kevin has regained a quality of life he hasn’t experienced since his twenties—thanks to Nutrisystem. He lost 74 pounds since starting the plan,* and his success has encouraged other people to try the program as well.

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Since Kevin has started living a healthier lifestyle, his cholesterol levels went down and his blood pressure decreased. And his crowning achievement: “I am no longer worried about falling in the boat or doubting if I can climb a tree to hunt in my favorite spot,” says Kevin. “I feel amazing!”

*Real success story and $10,000 Contest Winner. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.

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