7 Top Tips for Nutrisystem Newbies (from Real Success Stories!)

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If you’re just starting out with the Nutrisystem program, you may feel unsure about what lies ahead. Perhaps you’re even a little nervous about getting started. But rest assured that many have gone successfully before you and are already experiencing the benefits that you’ll soon be experiencing as well.

Many of our Nutrisystem veterans echo the same tip to newbies—stick with it! As with any change, there may be an adjustment period. But many of our success stories say that the program only gets easier with time. Once you really understand it and how it works, you can truly make it work for you. Just give it a chance to work. If you give up too soon you’ll never get the chance to see what kind of amazing results were waiting for you.

We spoke to some of our seasoned success stories on the best tips they’d offer to those who are just starting out with the program.

Here’s a round-up of some of those best nuggets of advice to help get you started off on the right foot:

1. Have Faith

Put all your faith and trust in Nutrisystem. It really, truly works. Embrace the program, follow the meal plan, log your food intake in NuMi or another tracking system, and most importantly, stick with it! The weight loss will begin with the very first week, and steadily continue. The people at Nutrisystem know what they’re doing! The program is so easy to follow because the food is delicious and you have so many choices. —Monica Holden

2. Understand the Program

Make sure that you really understand the program before you start it, that way you can follow it the way it was meant to be. Having that understanding makes a big difference. You can always reach out to Nutrisystem if you need help. Make sure you get in your PowerFuels, your SmartCarbs, and your water—along with your Nutrisystem meals and snacks so that you won’t be left hungry. And snag the frozen cinnamon rolls or the broccoli stuffed chicken breast! Those are two of my favorites. —Rachelle Marable

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3. Know that it Gets Easier

My top tip for someone just starting out is—if you can make it through the first week, it gets easier! The first week is the hardest. Your body is getting used to not eating sugar, junk food, and empty calories. I felt bloated, hungry, and had a headache—and I was craving sugar like crazy. But once I reached the end of the second week I felt remarkably better. I was much less bloated, had no headache, much more energy, and was enjoying eating healthier foods. —Rebecca Dalton

4. Stay Committed

You owe it to yourself to focus on you. It may be a little tough at first, but hang in there. Your results will fuel your continued commitment—I promise you! Always keep your water with you. Also, keep baggies of your favorite snack veggies handy. If you feel a craving or feel hungry, drink plenty of water, snack on those veggies, or sip some warm tea. If you have a slip-up, it’s not the end of the world. Forget it and aim to get back on track with your next snack or meal. Make use of the online chat support teams. You have instant access to help and coaching—use it! Debra Weimer

5. Use the Resources

The best advice I have for someone just starting out is to utilize the resources and supports available through Nutrisystem. The NuMi [weight loss] app makes it easy for me to track my food and activity for the day. Weight loss coaches are available to answer any questions or concerns you have, so don’t hesitate to call! Nutrisystem’s Facebook page and blog The Leaf both offer great tips, recipes and information that have been extremely helpful to me along the way. I have met some amazing people on my journey with Nutrisystem and have a number of close friends who recently started programs with Nutrisystem. Having a support group has been so important for accountability and keeping me motivated! —Morgan Root

6. Don’t Cheat!

There’s no reason to “cheat” because you are allowed to have snacks and even dessert! You are eating every few hours, so you don’t get hungry. Some days I felt like I was actually eating too much, but I was steadily losing weight every week. Nutrisystem taught me how to eat properly and actually changed the way I shop for food and cook. I have maintained my goal weight for one year now, and I have never looked or felt better. —Monica Holden

7. Set Goals—and Plan to Meet them!

Make a promise to yourself to reach your goal. And when you see your results, believe in them! They are real and will continue as long as you continue to work the program. Debra Weimer