“I am now a completely transformed person, both inside and out.”

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At 410 pounds, there were a lot of things that Noel Mason could not do. He could not fit in an airplane seat or a booth at a restaurant. He could not go to sleep without worrying that his sleep apnea might claim his life. And he could not even walk to the mailbox without dealing with pain. But today—thanks to Nutrisystem—he can do all of those things and more. Noel says he is completely transformed, and it’s all thanks to the program teaching him how to eat sensibly—a weight loss achievement that Noel says will stick with him for life.

Here is Noel’s incredible weight loss story:

By Noel Mason

Noel before
For years, Noel was unable to do many everyday activities due to his weight.

One and a half years ago I weighed 410 pounds. I now weigh 220 pounds, and I am still getting smaller. How? I started the Nutrisystem program, and it has changed my life. I have lost 190 pounds so far.* My weight loss achievement has been so inspirational to me, I started to weight train as well. I have lost at least 22 inches off my waist. I am now a completely transformed person, both inside and out—all thanks to Nutrisystem and my weight loss achievement.

There are so many things that I can do now that I couldn’t do when I was at a higher weight—I don’t think I can name them all, but I will highlight the most meaningful to me. The most important aspect of my transformation is that I no longer have to fear dying in my sleep. I know that sounds dramatic, but it is true. Due to my weight, I had developed a severe case of sleep apnea. I would stop breathing over 100 times an hour when I slept. Now, I can assure my family that I am no longer in danger when I simply go to bed.

Thanks to Nutrisystem, I can also now fit in an airplane seat. I had not seen my father for four years because I couldn’t fly to New Mexico due to my size. I can also fit in a booth at a restaurant, which is also a result of my success on Nutrisystem! I can also play golf again—and other physical activities, too. I can even touch my toes—and see them! I can get through a day at work without feeling terribly uncomfortable. My weight made me constantly irritable because I was always in pain and overheated. Now, my work performance has improved drastically thanks to my weight loss.

Noel after
Now, Noel can play golf, sleep through the night and weight train!

I can talk to girls comfortably. In the past, my weight made me very self-conscious. I can also walk to the mailbox without back pain—previously, even a trip to my mailbox was difficult. I can go for a medical checkup with ease. I was so embarrassed about my weight that I would avoid seeing a medical professional.

I chose Nutrisystem because it seemed practical—Eat tasty food in smaller portions. Nutrisystem has taught me how to eat. It is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

The message I want to tell everyone is that it is possible to achieve whatever you want if you put your mind to it and never give up! I am living proof—Nutrisystem has been the tool that I have used for my eight loss achievement. Because of Nutrisystem, I can be me, Noel Mason, without being judged because of my weight or being constantly uncomfortable with myself.

*Real Success Story. Weight lost on prior program. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.

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