“Nutrisystem put me back in the driver’s seat.”

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Having been an Air Force Fitness Officer, Erin Snyder spent her days coaching others about losing weight and staying in shape. So, when she started packing on the pounds herself, it was hard for Erin to accept that she was spiraling out of control. The once super-fit coach gained more than 70 pounds when she says her heavily regimented diet left her feeling deprived and secretly binge eating. Fortunately, an ad from Nutrisystem featuring several weight loss before and after comparisons inspired Erin to get back on track—but this time with a routine that was maintainable rather than feeling forced and overly strict as her dieting experience had been. She says Nutrisystem set her up for success. And success is what she found: Erin lost 30 pounds on Nutrisystem* and has joined the club of Nutrisystem weight loss before and after success stories.

Here is Erin’s amazing story & her weight loss before and after photos:

I am 26 years old and five years ago I was the picture of health. I was an Air Force Fitness Officer and spent much of my time coaching others on how to lose weight and stay in shape. However, I didn’t realize that being on a diet could backfire. After being on a strict and restrictive diet myself for three years I started on a dangerous downward spiral of binge eating.

weight loss before and after
“I hated what I had allowed my body and myself to become.”

At first, I was a closet binge eater—just eating a few handfuls of cereal or popcorn I knew I shouldn’t have. Then, it became whole pizzas and tubs of ice cream at a time. It’s safe to say I was out of control. I went from 115 to 145 pounds in just one month! Then, I gained another 20 pounds over the next six months, which brought my weight to 165. My body and self-esteem were demolished by none other than myself. I became my own worst enemy and the impact of how I looked just nine months before compared to how I looked after was devastating. I didn’t know what to do. I would binge for a day or two and then starve for a day or two to counterbalance. I would exercise excessively, sometimes twice a day, to make up for the bingeing. I hated what I had allowed my body and myself to become.

Being an officer in the Air Force, I was put on the weight management program. I couldn’t believe the girl who once counseled others on their health and fitness was now the one on a weight management program. I started to yo-yo. I would do whatever it took to be below the required weight on the weigh-ins I had each month. Then, I would gain the weight back right after. I eventually got up to my highest of 187.

I hated how sluggish I became. I stopped exercising. I stopped going out and dancing. I stopped being a young person in her twenties. When people came to my door, I would ignore them. I was so ashamed. I felt horrible and my body reflected that feeling.

weight loss before and after
“I feel great and it’s wonderful to have my body reflect that.”

Then, I saw an ad for Nutrisystem one night. I was sitting on the couch bingeing on pizza and ice cream when I stopped and thought to myself, “What are you doing?”

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I ordered Nutrisystem that night over the internet. I couldn’t wait for it to come. I went on the website and created a profile and started using the support tools on the website.

The thing I love about Nutrisystem is the variety. I never felt restricted or deprived. I could order 28 pizzas to have every night of the month if I wanted to. I loved the flexibility and freedom the plan provided. Who could think you could eat pancakes and lose weight?

I started to be in charge of my life and I could feel the power coming back! I lost 15 pounds the first month.* I declared that I would be a personal training coach again and that I would dedicate myself to helping those people like me who had gotten out of control with restrictive diets. I would show them there is a better way. By the end of the third month, I had I lost over 30 pounds.*

Nutrisystem gave me a lot. For one, it gave me long-term portion control. After just a couple months on the program, I was no longer in starvation mode and I was no longer out of control. I was in the driver’s seat. With this, my self-esteem started coming back. Nutrisystem also gave me access to start loving myself again. After three months on the program, I started transitioning to doing Nutrisystem at home. I stayed within the guidelines, eating small meals four to five times per day and didn’t restrict on variety. I now eat one piece of pizza when I go out to eat, instead of a whole pie! I feel great and it’s wonderful to have my body reflect that.

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*Real Success Story. Weight lost on prior program. In a study avg weight loss was 11.6 lbs and 8 inches.  Inches lost from hips, waist, chest, thighs and arms in first month.