“Nutrisystem taught me a whole new way of eating—the right way!”

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One day, Jim E.’s three-year-old granddaughter came up to him, cute as can be. Then she pushed his stomach and said, “You’re fat.” Kids might say the darndest things, but sometimes they’re telling the truth: Jim was 256 pounds, despite post-retirement weight loss efforts and attempts to keep it off.

jim before“I knew all the extra weight was hard on my knees, back, heart and health in general,” he said. But the 67-year old former deputy sheriff couldn’t seem to conquer his weight loss efforts on his own. “I had a real lack of willpower.”

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What he needed, he said, was a regimented system to succeed—and Nutrisystem turned out to be just that.

“Nutrisystem taught me a whole new way of eating—the right way! If you follow the plan, you won’t get hungry,” he says. By eating pre-portioned Nutrisystem meals and weight loss effortssnacks six times per day, Jim says he was able to resist temptation and reduce cravings. And as Jim began to succeed in his weight loss efforts, the system became even easier to stick to. “The weight loss helps you build your willpower.” Within four months, Jim had lost 47 pounds.*

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“Every task—walking, gardening—is easier,” he says. He can tie his shoes without maneuvering around his stomach, and clothing is easier to shop for than ever. “I can wear anything in my closet now. I’m buying new clothes in sizes I haven’t worn in decades.”

Nutrisystem, Jim says, made it easy to finally succeed in his weight loss efforts . He says he’s enjoying retirement more than ever, and says if you’re thinking about trying the plan, you should “do it now! Don’t wait until you’re 67!”

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*Real Success Story. Weight lost on prior program. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.