Success Story Shares Her Favorite Weight Loss Foods from Nutrisystem

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Weight Loss Food

In the attempt to lose weight, there are a lot of question marks and concerns. If only there was a program that was easy, offered you all of the guidance you needed to succeed and provided weight loss food that isn’t just healthy, but actually tastes good, too.

Enter: Nutrisystem.

Before Nutrisystem, Teresa weighed 290 pounds.

Millions of people have lost weight with the help of eating Nutrisystem food, including a woman named Teresa Bleifus, who lost 145 pounds.*

Prior to finding Nutrisystem, Teresa was 290 pounds and was searching for a solution to lose weight.

The moment that put her on the path to changing her life forever came one day at an amusement park. Teresa’s son, Noah, wanted to ride a roller coaster, but because of her size, Teresa couldn’t fit in the seat.

“I was horrified,” she recalls, but her son assured her he didn’t care about the ride. All he wanted was for her to be happy and healthy enough to always be with him.

With a balance of eating scientifically-designed weight loss food and exercise, Nutrisystem helped Teresa transform her body—dropping from a size 26 to size six!

With the help of Nutrisystem, Teresa was able to lose 145 pounds* and change her life forever.

From day one, she was able to easily stay organized by using the NuMi App to track her calories and

workouts every week.

“It’s simple and tremendously helpful in making food choices, especially at the end of the day,” she says.

Teresa stuck to the Core Plan in the beginning and lost more than 100 pounds on it.* But in the last year, she switched over to Uniquely Yours—which offers more than 150 foods, as well as delicious frozen foods—and she says her whole experience changed.

I enjoyed the previous food plan and was successful with it, but when I began Uniquely Yours, my taste buds lit up and this journey suddenly exploded in my mouth,” she says.

Here is a list of weight loss food from Nutrisystem that Teresa loves most:

Breakfast: Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon Roll

“I absolutely LOVE this with my morning coffee,” says Teresa. And who can blame her? This decadent pastry is swirled with cinnamon, topped with cream cheese frosting and offers five grams of fiber. Teresa likes to pop it in the microwave and then peel it in layers: “It fills me up and quenches my sweet tooth!”

Lunch: Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

You get lean white meat with its hot-off-the-grill flavor, a hearty whole-grain bun and 13 grams of muscle-building protein for just 200 calories! “Quick, easy and satisfying”—that’s how Teresa describes this favorite, which she loads with fresh tomato and spinach for an even more filling and delicious meal.

Dinner: Thick Crust Pizza

Nutrisystem thick crust pizza

Eat it plain—it’s that good. Or if you prefer toppers on your pizza, load it up with your healthy favorites. Teresa bakes hers in the oven with fresh mushrooms, thinly-slice zucchini and cheese on top. All it takes is about five minutes and the crust comes out perfectly toasted, she says: “I feel like I’m eating restaurant-quality pizza.

Snack: Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich

Nutrisystem Ice Cream Sandwich

At just 130 calories, Teresa’s go-to dessert is one of our all-time best-sellers and for good reason: Rich and creamy vanilla ice cream between two wafers of “chocolate goodness,” describes Teresa. This classic childhood favorite is the perfect pick when you want something cool and sweet.

*Real Success Story. Weight lost on prior program. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.