“Nutrisystem totally changed my life. I feel better, look better and have more energy.”

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When it comes to losing weight, success really starts the day you commit to changing. You can have all the right tools, great support and outside motivation in the world, but you’ll only really start to reach your weight loss goals once you decide that enough is enough.

“I had had enough. I was tired of being overweight. I was tired of the aches and pains. I was tired of not having any energy. I wanted my confidence level back,” says Melissa Valahos. That tipping point was when Melissa was 51 pounds heavier than she is now*. “I had gotten to the point where I almost gave up on myself and thought that gaining weight was just part of getting older.”

Melissa 2
Melissa once thought that gaining weight was a part of getting older.

After researching some options online to find a plan that would help her reach her weight loss goals, Melissa added a powerful tool to her newfound resolve: Nutrisystem.

“I was so excited the day that it showed up,” she says. “It was like Christmas opening the box of all the foods that they sent.”

Within a week, she’d lost eight pounds and an inch from her waist. With new favorite foods like the double chocolate muffin and Nutrisystem’s three-cheese chicken, Melissa says losing weight became easier than she ever expected.

“There are snacks and desserts on the program to satisfy any craving. I never felt like I was missing anything,” she says. “It’s so easy to fit Nutrisystem into my busy life. There are bars, muffins, snacks and other items to take with you on the go.”

Melissa 1
Now, Melissa has reached her weight loss goals, feels better and has the energy she always wanted!

And when things didn’t feel so easy, Melissa had support—both from her husband, who did the program with her, and from Nutrisystem’s weight loss coaches, who are always available via phone to help.

“They’re available to answer questions and motivate you,” she says. So when you hit a plateau, you can keep going. “Your weight loss may slow down from time to time, but Nutrisystem works.”

It also worked for her wallet. Melissa says it actually saved her money by using Nutrisystem.

“I pulled my check register out and added up all the grocery bills, dinners and meals out,” she says. “[Nutrisystem] was actually cheaper in the end.”

And it worked: Melissa lost 51 pounds*, and says she has more energy to hike, bike and do the things she loves. Her confidence is back, and it’s all because she committed to changing her life for the good.

“Nutrisystem totally changed my life. I feel better, look better and have more energy,” she says. “It has taught me that I have self-control and the ability to reach my goals.”

*Real Success Story. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.