“I feel like a whole new person.”

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When there’s danger, firefighters spring into action—fast. So when Donald Wilson’s doctor told him that his weight was endangering his health, the 40-year firefighting veteran did just what you’d expect: He took immediate action and got started on his weight loss journey success.

don before“I thought my weight would be 210 to 220 pounds. I was not ready when the doctor  said: ‘Don, you weigh 250 pounds,’” Donald says. “I came home from work that night and decided that this was the day I take my life back.”

He decided to work toward his weight loss journey success with the help of Nutrisystem. Once he calculated how much he was spending on lunches and in the firehouse vending machine, he realized, “The program paid for itself.” Then he set a modest goal: Donald wanted to lose 20 pounds in four months, but firefighters act fast.

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“After the first month on the plan, I had lost 20 pounds*,” he says. Replacing normal sweets with new snack favorites, like the Thin Mint Crisp bar, he kept losing—another 20 pounds the second month, and even another 20 pounds during his third month on Nutrisystem.* Today, he’s lost 80 pounds with the help of Nutrisystem!*

“After firefighting for 40 years, I have had my aches and pains from injuries, but I can honestly say since taking the weight off, my knees and back don’t ache,” he says. “I feel like a whole new person.”

Spring into action and stay on track with these three tips from Donald’s successful weight loss journey on Nutrisystem:

1. Build a support system to help with your weight loss journey success:

When Donald started with Nutrisystem, he says he got his family involved right away: They became his support system and ultimately, his cheerleaders.

Support is key to weight loss success. In one study, only 25 percent of people who enrolled in a weight loss program by themselves lost weight and kept it off for six months. Those with a support system did much better: Two-thirds were able to lose weight and keep it off.

And when things got tough, Donald could also connect with Nutrisystem’s weight loss coaches to help.

2. Don’t be defeated by plateaus:

That support system was huge when plateaus hit Donald.

“It’s a journey,” Donald says. “If you fall off track, it’s okay. You know how to get back on track.”

If you’ve had an off-plan day or bad week, don’t give up—and don’t starve yourself to try to “make up” for the off days.

Instead, take Donald’s advice: Go back to your plan. Review recipes right here on The Leaf, and talk to your support system, weight loss coaches and accountability partners to get back on the road to success.weight loss journey success

3. Keep your eye on the goal:

If you feel yourself starting to slip, or your results slow down, Donald reminds you to refocus on your goals.

Write your goals down so you can review them every day, or at least when you feel yourself slipping. When you do, make them even more vivid: Close your eyes and envision why you started on your weight loss journey in the first place—to have energy to play with your kids, to climb a mountain, or to get back into those jeans you used to love. Remember the positive feelings you’ve had as you’ve had progress in the past weeks and months—and use those good feelings to make one good choice right away, so you can build on your success and continue on your own Nutrisystem weight loss success journey!

Ready to work toward your weight loss journey success? Get started with Nutrisystem today!

*Real Success Story. Weight lost on prior program. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.