A Real Nutrisystem Success Story Shares His Weight Loss Routine

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Weight Loss Routine From A Real Weight Loss Success Story

Keep a schedule: As simple a motto as it may sound, that seemingly small rule played a big role in Chris Rennick’s path to weight loss success. Maybe one could credit his military background—having served our country for four years as a marine—that gave him the discipline to stick to a weight loss routine. Or maybe it was the moment his doctor told him he was obese and that his weight was at a life-threatening level that gave him the drive. Perhaps, both helped.

Weight Loss Routine From A Real Weight Loss Success Story
Chris, before Nutrisystem.

Chris had a motivator in his visit to the doctor that opened his eyes and got him started and once he got started, he was not about to let his weight get in the way of his quest for a healthier life. Once Chris got on his Nutrisystem journey, he worked healthy habits into each day from the start and stuck to a weight loss routine that worked for him.

His weight loss routine started with lunch. Chris used to eat out almost every day with his colleagues. However, the time spent out of the office meant he had to work later at night and gradually those fast food and restaurant meals added pounds to his once fit frame.

Weight Loss Routine From A Real Weight Loss Success Story
… and after he lost 120 pounds* on Nutrisystem.

The extra weight took a toll on Chris—he had once prided himself on his great physical condition and now he couldn’t do half of what he used to. That meal was the first change Chris made: Lunch became Nutrisystem’s Chicken Noodle Soup, an entrée that’s still one of his favorites. That switch helped him drop weight in just a few weeks—enough for his friends at work to notice and that’s when this father of three committed to the plan in full force. One year later at his next doctor visit, he had lost more than 100 pounds on the Nutrisystem weight loss program.*

Nutrisystem taught Chris that he needs consistency to succeed: He sticks to his diet and exercise schedule—without any excuses. He drinks four bottles of water as soon as he wakes up to help him get in the recommended 64 ounces every day and works out early in the morning—either walking or jogging—before heading to office. He sets short- and long-term goals to help keep him on track, focuses on his wife and kids to stay motivated and keeps a positive attitude.

By setting a healthy weight loss routine that included eating Nutrisystem foods and exercising regularly, Chris was able to lose 120 pounds* and transform his life.

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*Real Success Story. Expect to lose an av. 1-2 lbs. per week. Results may vary based on starting weight and program adherence.