“I have never been so thankful as I am right now.”

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After feeling as though she’d already tried every diet fad and even diet pill under the sun, Terry Joyce says she was on the verge of giving up. At 58-years-old, Joyce says she has struggled with her weight for more than 15 years. She began to feel as though it was simply her “fate” to be overweight. Terry says that many of the women in her family have struggled with weight, and most of them had diabetes by age 50. She began to feel that there was no weight loss solution that could possibly work for her.

Feeling hopeless, she began to resign herself to accepting her weight. She simply didn’t think there was anything more she could do to change—until her husband suggested she try Nutrisystem. She says it was a last-ditch effort, and she didn’t really expect it to work. In fact, she never even took a “before” picture when initially starting her journey. To her surprise, Nutrisystem was the weight loss solution that finally worked.

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Week after week, the weight continued to fall off and as it did, Terry became convinced that this weight loss program was something different. She was on a roll! That’s when she started to get excited.

Within that first year on the program, Terry says she met her initial goal weight—something she had accepted would never happen. Today, she is still working toward more weight loss, but has the confidence that the remaining weight will come off like all of those other pesky pounds did.

Having tried so many other diets in the past, Terry has a lot to compare Nutrisystem to. Among the factors that she liked most about it was the convenience, no need to weigh or calorie count, the taste and the savings. Terry was also thrilled to learn that Nutrisytem was less expensive than other diet foods or specialty foods she had tried in the past.

In fact, her advice to others who worry that Nutrisystem is “too expensive” would be to add up what you’re already spending on specialty foods, low-fat foods and other diet items. She says you’ll likely be surprised that Nutrisystem is a big savings.

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Since starting the program, Terry says that she is more active than ever, and she can participate in activities without getting out of breath. That has allowed her to check more things off her bucket list such as travel, hiking, amusement parks and even taking the grandkids on trips to Nashville and New Orleans.

She says her new-found energy and enthusiasm are all thanks to Nutrisystem and her 110-pound weight loss!*

“I have never been so thankful as I am right now,” Terry says. “I can never thank Nutrisystem enough for saving my life. By using Nutrisystem, I learned portions and balance.”

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*Real Success Story. Weight lost on prior program. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.