“With Nutrisystem, I learned what I was doing wrong and how to eat the right portions.”

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For Anastasia Atkins, the weight gain all began during law school. Anastasia found herself with no time for physical activity and engaging in a lot of stress eating. But because she was wearing yoga pants every day, she didn’t even realize how much weight was piling on—that is, until she tried to fit into some of her professional clothing for interviews. She stepped on the scale and saw she weighed 180 pounds, which is when she says she realized she was out of control. Fortunately, that was just the wake-up call she needed to start her weight loss success journey, and Anastasia lost 55 pounds on Nutrisystem*.

Here is Anastasia’s incredible weight loss journey:

By Anastasia Atkins

Anastasia got lost in the hectic schedule of law school and the stresses that come along with it.

I gained a lot of weight very quickly during my first year of law school with the combination of stress eating and a complete lack of physical activity. I was wearing yoga pants every day, so while I knew I was gaining weight, I didn’t realize exactly how much.  As I finished my first year of law school, I lined up several interviews for summer jobs, but then realized that I couldn’t fit into any of my professional clothes.  I’ve never weighed myself regularly, but I believe I was somewhere in the lower 130’s before I started law school. Once I realized none of my clothes fit, I finally weighed myself, and weighed in at 180. I knew then that I was out of control.

It was a commercial that inspired me to try Nutrisystem. It was something I had been thinking about for a while. The moment I stepped off the scale that day, I went online and ordered it.

Anastasia realized it was time to make a change, and began her successful journey on Nutrisystem.

I found Nutrisystem really easy to stick to. The biggest problem for me was time—I didn’t have time to shop or prepare meals. Nutrisystem worked well because my meals were basically prepared for me. Another problem I was having was that I would wait to eat until I was ravenous and then make terrible choices—a lot of fast food and junk from the vending machines at school. I learned to plan out my meals in the morning and to eat regularly so I didn’t get so hungry. I also learned that my portions were completely out of control and that I was eating mindlessly.

While I was still on the program, I told my sister about my progress and she decided to give it a try as well. She also had a lot of success, and it was nice because we would call and encourage each other, talk about our progress, the foods we did and didn’t like, etc. I think having that support was a huge help for both of us.

With Nutrisystem, I learned what I was doing wrong and how to eat the right portions. People always ask me how I lost the weight, and I hope my success can inspire others.

*Real Success Story. Weight lost on prior program. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.

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